Songs Never Die: A Community-Run Writing Camp

Songs Never Die is a new, community-run, virtual songwriting camp; its goal is to provide an avenue for creative collaboration within Dreams Never Die, bringing together DND’s roster and broader community of creatives. Everyone is welcome.

To get involved with Songs Never Die, join our Discord server and fill out an inquiry.

The camp will be carried out through the following steps:

Step 1: Gather Interest

From the DND roster & catalog, SLOE JACK, namou, Doublethink, BEL, Rachel Honza, superflirt, Shakota, Dritic + more are participating.

Submit an inquiry form to get involved.

Step 2: First Listening Session, Select Beats & Participants

In the first listening session, the community (as well as some experienced, DND-affiliated producers) will provide feedback and constructive criticism to all interested participants, and begin forming the session groups.

The first listening session will take place on Wednesday, March 16 at 2pm PT // 5pm ET.

Step 3: Begin Session

After the groups have been determined, sessions will be scheduled and carried out (most likely over Zoom, but could be IRL too).

We anticipate sessions including one DND roster artist with whatever assortment of producers, writers, and instrumentalists makes sense for the artist.

Step 4: Demo Listening Session

Once the artist sessions are completed, the community will host a demo listening session, where we’ll listen to the songs together, talk about our favorites, offer feedback, and discuss release ideas and strategies (which are intentionally open-ended, for now).

From there, we’ll determine the next steps, such as creative release strategies and packages (ideally using web3 tools).

To get involved with Songs Never Die, join our Discord server or fill out an inquiry.

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