The Hamlett: Year 2 Meets Web 3

by: husanthompson.eth

Happy Anniversary

The Hamlett is San Diego’s finest Black-owned coffee shop and apothecary. But that’s not all. Part of its mission includes serving as an incubator for black health, wealth, and wellness. As The Hamlett embarks on it's second year of serving the local community with high-end coffee, The Hamlett is ready for more.

In the face of a global pandemic and economic uncertainty Shacole Hamlett, the founder of the coffee shop, created a space that went beyond fair-traded specialty-grade coffee. The Hamlett now hold space for workshops, arts, collaboration, and Black wealth generation. Moving into year 2, Shacole and her team are ready to integrate Web 3 with their brick and mortar shop. Their vision is to use the shop as a beacon that can reach the whole world.

The Hamlett and Web 3

Web 3 can be described as a technological movement that emerged in response to the FAANG companies. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (FAANG) are very big and very centralized technology companies that retain ownership of your data. That data can include our watch time, location, keystrokes, likes, search pattern, and more. They package it, sell it, and leverage it, to influence our behavior. On the other hand, through the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency tokenomics, Web 3 gives ownership and power over your data back to you.

The Hamlett is gearing up to integrate Web 3 values into their mission.
The Hamlett is gearing up to integrate Web 3 values into their mission.

The Hamlett and the Future

At The Hamlett, customers and community members will participate in some seriously exciting opportunities. This year, The Hamlett team will focus on carefully curating cryptocurrency information so customers can learn through their free education portal. Members of The Hamlett community will be able to participate in a Web 3 NFT marketplace. The Hamlet NFTs will come with perks, exclusive content, access, and other benefits. Special events will give attendees POAP rewards that include raffles, gear, merch, and discounts. Supporters will get access to streaming events and workshops on the Supercompute Decentraland Parcel.

Shacole and her family were already experts in experiential production, art and design, augmented reality strategy, Web 3 and cryptocurrency. Now that the coffee shop has grown some legs, they plan to lean in on experience and intuition to reach these ambitious goals. She has partnered with technologists, artists, and educators to bring this vision to life.

The Hamlett:

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