🎁 Announcing DropList

The easiest way to attract new users from existing token communities with targeted airdrops

Drop it like it’s hot

Airdrops are increasingly becoming the best way to grow your decentralized communities.

Each project pioneering airdrops, however, knows that doing it right takes lots of effort and time: You have to find the right communities, set up the tech and execute the drop, all of which distracts from building your project.

🎁 DropList is an open-source Dapp with the purpose of streamlining the end-to-end process of token-based user acquisition, providing everyone with an interface to execute targeted airdrops to users based on their on-chain actions.

The features of the first version of DropList include:

👉 Select from existing popular token communities via TheGraph

👉 Launch campaigns with ERC20, ERC721 & ERC1155 tokens

👉 Claim providing a claim interface for end-users as a service

Technically speaking, DropList is a fully open-source and non-custodial project. Check out the codebase here.

Setting up a Drop campaign

To set up a campaign you need to go through a few steps in which you are guided to select which community should receive which asset(s) and how much.

Finally, before deploying the campaign, you’ll also be able to see a preview of the campaign, including picture, title, logo & description.

Claiming a Drop

From the point of view of the fortunate recipients of your Drop, the user-experience follows a standard claims pattern.

Furthermore, the user will be able to subscribe to DropList to be able to be notified about drops in the future.

Want to get early access to launch your next drop with DropList?

Join our Discord or send us a DM on Twitter and we’ll set you up with our alpha in a few minutes! We always love to chat about your ideas for future features!

And join our community to stay updated on ongoing airdrops & DropList news!

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