DropoutDAO Working Groups
March 4th, 2022

Since our start just under 4 weeks ago, DropoutDAO is now home to 200+ members in our Discord, with a growing waiting list of 400+ people. We’ve grown sustainably both in IRL and URL, and have learned so much from all community members around the world through our 1:1 onboarding calls.

Today, we’re excited to announce DropoutDAO working groups, a new way to contribute to the DropoutDAO community.

We’re looking forward to contributions from our talented community of unconventional thinkers. Learn more about the working group teams below, and join us here.

👅 For more context on our decentralized university, read our manifesto here.

DropoutDAO organizational structure

As DropoutDAO has matured in operations over the last month and begun to explore ways to scale sustainably, bring forward amazing learning opportunities, and create incredible social structures, having a solid core team that communicates and establishes a consistent supportive presence becomes paramount for transparency and growth for the community.

We’ve put a lot of thought into creating a modern campus that will work together across IRL and URL experiences, and our team to create this experience will be structured as follows:

dropoutDAO working groups
dropoutDAO working groups

As DropoutDAO builds the first learning epicenter for those curious about learning and social ecosystems, we are looking to move the needle to empower our community with the right tools to create the first decentralized university.


The Core team consists of 1-2 leaders on each of the product, content, URL, IRL, and partnerships branches and brings every team together.

Core team members are driven by the desire to change school infrastructure and long outdated systems, are the connoisseurs behind interesting learning experiences, and are alchemists bringing together melting pots of communities of students from across universities around the world.

We’re looking for 2-4 passionate co-leads to join our team.


The Product team looks to consolidate all DropoutDAO tools under one roof. By creating better tools for our learning and social community, they are the architects behind the digital infrastructure of our digital campus.

Some products to keep an eye out for in the coming semester:

  • DropoutDAO website build
  • DropoutDAO Directory Beta
  • Beta Governance System
  • IRL City Campuses
  • Bulletin Initiative (texting)
  • Rebrand

We’re looking for experienced designers and product devs who want to push the boundaries of internet learning and IRL social products. If this sounds like you, join us.


The Content team creates the digital presence of dropoutDAO.

They ask the questions: How do people discover DropoutDAO? How should we reflect the voice of DropoutDAO community? How should we translate and document the physical experiences back into the digital? How do we crystallize our memories and shape them in a form that is made to last? What stories should we highlight from the community?

Some initiatives within Content we’re actively developing:

  • Marketing/Growth (we're working on some superrr fun drops heh)
  • Social
  • Audio
  • Publication

We’re looking for talented marketers, growth hackers, commit builders, content creators, writers, creative directors, designers, and producers who are obsessed with the next generation of learning, social, and web3. If this sounds like you, join us.


URL is home to our campus in the metaverse.

It is where we foster interactions across nation-borders, across cities, and bring together minds where ever we are physically.

URL will create the infrastructure for peer-to-peer learning and building a new online education system that allows us to mentor, learn, and grow with each other.

Some initiatives we’ll be focusing on in URL:

  • Learning
  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • Discord
  • Mentorship

If you’re Discord savvy, love meeting new people, spend much of your time online learning and meeting others, join us.


IRL is home to our decentralized campus across the world. It is what the metaverse fails to emulate, and where all the small details fall short of when abstracting the real world behind a screen.

We believe that the deepest forms of learning, engagement, and connection all come from IRL experiences.

In particular, IRL will focus on:

  • Cities
  • Events
  • Experiences
  • Hackathons
  • Tours (Houses and Retreats across rotating cities + some really fun initiatives here brewing)

We’re looking for thoughtful, kind, and compassionate members with a community or design background. If you’re the type of person who brightens at the thought of bringing people together in-person, hosting gatherings, starting a house, and putting together events, join us.


Partnerships focus on creating relationships with other DAOs and communities to host join events, work together, and grow together. It’s the macro level of how we create bonds with other communities.

Partnerships will be particularly focused on the following initiatives:

  • Sponsorships
  • Programs
  • Ambassadors
  • Clubs
  • Sub-DAOs (& a superrr fun initiative we’re working on here :) )

Whether it be cool collabs or drops, partnerships will be there to facilitate these cross-group interactions. If this sounds like you, join us.


We’re looking forward to learning more about you and bringing more members into our community. We’ve been endlessly surprised by the amazing work and talent within our community, and are excited to create the online campus and ecosystem to work together cross-university and cross-borders.

To clarify, you do not have to be in the Discord to join us! (and will be prioritized into the Discord once you do). Join our Discord waitlist here.

We’ve been endlessly challenged by our community and grown tremendously over the last month – and very excited for what’s to come :)


Ami Yoshimura & Nancy Zuo

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