How Dtravel is Integrating Property Management Systems for Web3

Dtravel v2, our web3 ecosystem that combines the freedom of direct booking sites and the simplicity of online travel agencies, will utilize property management system (PMS) integrations to provide a holistic, time-saving management experience.

By leveraging existing technologies in a novel manner that prioritizes the best interests of the community, Dtravel is creating an ecosystem that emphasizes ownership, efficiency and transparency.

This article will explore what a PMS is, what benefits it offers, how it will be incorporated into Dtravel and how it fits in the roadmap.

Overview of PMS Software

What is a PMS?

A PMS is software that assists short-term rental hosts and vacation rental property managers in managing their listings, bookings, payments and/or communication with guests. By having the ability to organize operations across several properties and platforms in a single place, hosts can access convenient tools to efficiently take care of administrative tasks, saving both time and operational expenses.

What does a PMS do?

With a PMS, hosts can manage bookings, pricing, calendars, guest information, financial reports, guest communications, cleaning duties and more across all booking platforms using one interface. Hosts can see everything at a glance and make decisions based on this information without having to repeat them numerous times across all platforms.

What are the main benefits of a PMS?

By consolidating all relevant listing information, a PMS offers:

  • One place for updating listing information (photos, descriptions and rates) across all listing platforms
  • A central calendar that’s automatically synchronized across all platforms, mitigating double bookings
  • A unified inbox for communicating with guests across all platforms
  • The ability to set up automated guest communications with check-in/check-out information, house rules and more
  • Synthesized income statements, analytics and financial reports

Who would want to use a PMS?

Many hosts list their properties on multiple platforms to maximize the exposure their properties receive. While this generally leads to an increase in the number of bookings, if managed natively on each platform, it also increases the amount of work required to manage the listings and presents potential issues, such as double booking. Hosts with several properties who are scaling their business typically use a PMS to simplify their daily operations.

Integrating PMS Software into Dtravel

In our recent articles, we’ve highlighted that Dtravel v2 will fuse the best of direct booking sites and online travel agencies. A key component of this strategy is integrating a PMS to enable seamless cross-platform functionality and management.

Host listings connected to a supported PMS will allow hosts to manage not only their Dtravel bookings, but also their bookings across other platforms. We’ve already partnered with a recognizable, top-tier PMS and are excited to share who our first partner is very soon.

With the combined approach of Dtravel v2, hosts using a supported PMS can efficiently register with Dtravel and experience the benefits of a direct booking site without the time, effort and expenses traditionally associated with creating a direct booking site.

The integration of Dtravel alongside the most popular vacation rental platforms will also offer two unique value propositions to hosts: the ability to accept on-chain crypto payments via their own smart contract and 0% effective fees (via TRVL token givebacks).

We recognize that Dtravel may initially be a supplementary source of bookings for hosts. We want to make it easy for hosts to continue to operate their businesses with the tools that work best for them, which is why a PMS integration is critical to maintaining ownership of vacation rental businesses.

As hosts build up their Dtravel guest base and experience the advantages of a direct booking relationship with their guests via their Dtravel listing, we anticipate more bookings will be channeled through Dtravel, with the end goal being for the majority of bookings to be booked via Dtravel.

How PMS Fits in the Roadmap

We’ll soon be announcing our very first PMS partner integration. This is a significant step that will introduce Dtravel to thousands of professional hosts with tens of thousands of properties and provide an option for hosts to easily list their properties on Dtravel with just a few clicks.

Beyond the initial PMS integration, additional integrations are in the pipeline this year to increase PMS support for hosts using other PMS software, enabling more hosts around the world to join the Dtravel ecosystem.

We aim to be integrated with all the largest and most-used PMS software available, ensuring that we continue to simplify the web3 hosting experience while catering to as many hosts as possible.

If you’re part of a PMS or channel management team and are interested in partnering with us, please fill out this questionnaire and we’ll be in touch.

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