TRVL in the Dtravel Ecosystem

The vision for the TRVL token is for it to become the web3 travel token that can be seamlessly used to interact with all web3 travel applications. The aspiration is for these web3 travel applications to all be part of the TRVL ecosystem, whether that be through accepting TRVL as payment or using TRVL to power other ecosystem activities.

The starting point for making this a reality is with Dtravel. Dtravel is the flagship product within the TRVL ecosystem and offers some of the first core use cases for the TRVL token.

By interacting with TRVL, short-term rental operators, property manager, guests and other industry participants can enjoy a more rewarding and empowering experience with significantly greater ownership over both their travel activities and use of the Dtravel platform. As the Dtravel roadmap unfolds, so too will TRVL utility.

TRVL Utility in the Dtravel Ecosystem

The following are proposed TRVL utilities we plan to build toward:

Payment Discounts

Payments within Dtravel using TRVL will receive discounts. This will be similar to how exchange users receive a discount in trading fees when the fees are paid with their native token, turning TRVL into a community currency.

Accessing Dtravel

To be able to use Dtravel as a short-term rental operator or guest, users will be required to hold or spend TRVL. This requirement is currently waived in order to reduce onboarding friction and foster growth. Once the requirement is implemented, we envision a future where there are millions of operators and guests staking TRVL to access a Dtravel membership. As the number of operators and guests grow, so too does the amount of TRVL staked.

Loyalty Points

TRVL can be used as loyalty points or rewarded as a giveback with the added benefits of transferability and liquidity. TRVL is already being used as a giveback currency for short-term rental operator generating bookings on Dtravel, with a current 5% giveback that results in a net booking fee of 0%.

Enabling Features within Dtravel

To enable additional features in Dtravel, short-term rental operators or guests will need to hold or spend TRVL. An example of an additional feature is insurance. TRVL deposited by short-term rental operators and guests can be used to protect operators from damages caused by guests and to protect guests from last-minute cancellations by operators.

Platform Improvements

TRVL (or an NFT bought with TRVL) allows holders to submit proposals (Dtrips) for improvements of the Dtravel platform.


The upcoming Dtravel referral program will incentivize growing the number of short-term rental operators and guests within the ecosystem by rewarding existing operators and guests, as well as their invitees, with TRVL rewards.

Travel Partners

In partnership with, TRVL can already be used to purchase hotels, flights and activities. TRVL is also airdropped to members who stake AVA in the Smart Program. Other TRVL airdrops for usage of the Dtravel platform will be considered.

Open Passport

TRVL will also be used to purchase the Open Passport and issue special edition stamps. Dtravel will support the Open Passport initiative that allows hosts to issue their guests stamps on the Proof of Travel protocol after completing a stay. This will create a system that fosters trust for peer-to-peer travel bookings.

Where to Buy TRVL

The TRVL token can be purchased at any of the following partner exchanges:



📍 Kucoin

📍 ByBit

📍 Pancake Swap

📍 Uniswap

For more details on the total TRVL token supply and unlock schedule, please see the TRVL Token Economics.

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