The Direct Booking Directory

We believe that today’s direct booking movement is also a web3 movement. By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, we can empower peer-to-peer relationships and gradually eliminate issues resulting from centralized platforms.

As part of this effort, we're building a metasearch engine that will return only direct booking options. We’re excited about this because nothing like it exists, but it’s going to take time to build and ensure we get it right.

To help travelers easily find direct bookings until the metasearch engine is ready, and to assist in increasing the visibility of host listings, we’ve created the Direct Booking Directory (DBD). You can access the DBD by joining our Discord and visiting the “# 🌐︱direct-booking-directory” channel.

The DBD is a site directory that provides links to all property managers who opt-in to add their direct booking site to the DBD, regardless if they are using Dtravel or another direct booking engine. It will be periodically updated as both types of short-term rental operators add their listings to the directory.

Compiling a list of both Dtravel and non-Dtravel powered listings in one place simplifies the comparison process for travelers and, once ready, will allow our metasearch engine to return a significantly greater amount of search results immediately at launch.

How to Access the DBD

To book a direct stay using the DBD:

  1. Join Discord here

  2. Click on the # 🌐︱direct-booking-directory channel.

Why Book Direct?

Booking a direct stay benefits both operators and guests. Not only does it support local businesses, it also ensures travelers get the best price by saving on travel platform fees and greater flexibility in terms of cancellations and special requests.

Because short-term rental operators with a direct booking site are not restricted by third-party rules, they can create their own policies and offer unique promotions to encourage first-time guests to book with confidence as well as returning guests to stay again.

To learn more about the benefits of direct stays for both operators and guests, check out our previous article on direct bookings.

How to List Your Site

If you’re using Dtravel to power your direct booking site, and would like your listing(s) added to the DBD, notify the team and we will do so periodically.

If you’re not using Dtravel to power your direct booking site, but have a direct booking site that you’d like to add to the DBD, add your site here! It’s absolutely free and takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

With this initiative, we aim to bring more attention to the direct booking movement and make it simpler for guests around the world to find short-term rental operators who offer direct bookings at better prices with a personalized experience.

Book Direct and Save

Discover the Dtravel powered and non-Dtravel powered direct booking sites who are already listed on the Direct Booking Directory today to book direct and save!

Disclaimer: Bookings placed with Dtravel powered direct booking sites are between the operators and guests only. Dtravel is not involved in the booking process, as Dtravel-powered direct booking sites rely on decentralized smart contract technology, and therefore Dtravel is not responsible for any bookings. The DBD is simply an index containing information (like a phone directory) on how a guest can book directly with a short-term rental business.

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