Host Insights — Announcing Our First PMS Partnership

Last month, we published an article on how we’ll leverage property management system (PMS) integrations for Dtravel v2. We’re delighted to announce our first PMS partner in Hostaway, the leading all-in-one vacation rental software solution for growing property managers.

Currently, around 2,000 property managers with 40,000 properties use Hostaway. Once Dtravel v2 launches in May, these property managers will be able to seamlessly activate Dtravel from within their Hostaway account, alongside their existing listings with other short-term rental booking platforms.

In this article, we’ll discuss why Dtravel hosts need to use a PMS, where a PMS fits into decentralization and why we’ve chosen to partner with Hostaway.

Why Do Hosts Need To Use a PMS for Dtravel?

To use Dtravel v2 at launch, hosts will need to be registered with Hostaway. Hosts and property managers who are not currently using Hostaway will need to register with Hostaway to list their properties.

We're starting with PMS integrations as this will allow hosts to use Dtravel with the least amount of work in the shortest amount of time. A PMS allows hosts to effortlessly switch on Dtravel and list their properties in bulk without having to create specific listings for each property.

A quick and simple listing process drastically reduces the onboarding burden, encouraging hosts to try Dtravel (including those who may not have heard of Dtravel or web3 before). They can experience Dtravel and the benefits of on-chain bookings without any interruption or change to their existing way of managing listings and bookings.

We will continue to add more PMS integrations, which will grow our host and partner network. As this happens, a cycle will begin to materialize: new hosts lead to more bookings which lead to new PMS integrations as market acceptance grows. With each new PMS integration more hosts are enabled to list their properties on Dtravel, restarting the cycle.

Where Does a PMS Fit into Decentralization?

True ownership, enabled by decentralization, is at the core of Dtravel’s mission and what differentiates us from existing platforms. To get there, we’re progressively decentralizing.

Unlike DeFi or other web3 projects that exist solely on the internet, it’s impossible for Dtravel to be decentralized from day one. Because so many complex, real-world factors are involved — physical properties, strict jurisdictional regulations, contingencies (e.g. damages and dispute resolution) — the work required to create a functional decentralized ecosystem will take time.

Using a PMS is a starting point on this long journey to decentralization. Our immediate goal is to make adding Dtravel into hosts’ current workflows as simple and seamless as possible. Since hosts are already busy running their short-term rental businesses, a PMS conveniently enables hosts to include their listings on Dtravel with minimal effort while reaping the benefits of on-chain bookings.

We’re still at the dawn of building the Dtravel ecosystem. The journey begins with PMS integrations and will evolve as progress is made. Planning and building the infrastructure to support the progressive decentralization of Dtravel (and the short-term rental industry in general) is a significant undertaking, but one we believe is worth striving for.

Why Partner with Hostaway?

As one of the most-used PMS software providers on the market today, we partnered with Hostaway for several reasons. The simplicity of use of the software, paired with its extensive functionality capabilities — including calendar synchronization, dynamic pricing, unified inbox, message automation and much more — optimizes the administrative process when it comes to managing a short-term rental business.

Hostaway is also integrated with over 100 apps that help short-term rental hosts and property managers operate their businesses efficiently and effectively. This wide selection of tools is perfect for helping hosts scale their businesses via automation, which complements Dtravel’s automated on-chain payments.

In a recent PhocusWire article featuring Dtravel, the founder and CEO of Hostaway, Marcus Rader, commented that some Hostaway property managers have been asking about blockchain-based distribution. The initiative that Hostaway users are already taking to research the benefits of web3 travel is a strong indicator that property managers are keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest travel trends and are eager to use new technologies like Dtravel.

Hostaway’s core values also align closely with the values and ethos of web3. One of their core values is: “we move forward in the face of odds that are stacked against us.” Web3 is a new, uncharted path for Hostaway and many hosts, but it will revolutionize their business and empower them to run their business more smoothly. Being an early adopter on the forefront of a revolution can be challenging and having a partner who believes in innovation is key to change.

For hosts currently using other PMS software, we’re working on securing additional PMS integrations to expand Dtravel’s reach. If you’re a PMS software provider and would like to partner with us, please email us at If you’re a host or property manager and have suggestions on which PMS integrations you’d like to see us add next, join our Discord and share your ideas.

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