Dtravel - Winter / Spring 2022
February 8th, 2022

Last year, Dtravel set out to build new tools for travelers and hospitality entrepreneurs and establish a new crypto-travel economy.

It’s been a few months since we launched Dtravel and the TRVL token. In that time, our team worked hard to improve our existing product and develop a strategy for the future. We also had the opportunity to gather feedback from the community and reflect on our path so far.

We want to thank each community member for your continued patience and support over these past months. Many of you have been waiting anxiously to learn more about the plans for Dtravel in 2022. Today, we feel privileged to share a glimpse into what we’ve learned, what’s next, and the investments we’ll make over the coming months to grow and improve the community.

What we’ve done

The booking platform, launched November 2021
The booking platform, launched November 2021

In November, Dtravel launched an accommodation booking site, our first step toward the long-term vision of a community-owned marketplace. Since then, we’ve welcomed our first guests, launched the TRVL token, and attracted thousands of believers.

We also partnered with professional property managers and Travala.com, all while continuing to release improvements to the booking experience.

Learning from the community

Understanding our community and their needs
Understanding our community and their needs

Dtravel set out to build an industry-defining product. With a contributing team of web3 true believers, Dtravel exists to deliver ownership directly to the worldwide travel community — hosts, guests, and token holders alike.

Thankfully, the excitement across the travel industry has been palpable from the start. But perhaps the most excitement we’ve seen has been from home-sharing entrepreneurs and professional hosts that see web3 and cryptocurrencies as the next evolution of the ownership economy.

Over the last few months, we’ve spoken with hundreds of hosts — and have received hosting applications from thousands more— who are excited to contribute to the growth of the crypto-travel industry. There were a few recurring themes we encountered, but ultimately it came down to one thing: Ownership.

We also heard from guests and TRVL token holders. Initially, we focused on building and setting ourselves up for success in a rapidly evolving crypto landscape. Because of those efforts, we have positioned ourselves better now than ever before to transform the travel industry. However, that focus came at a cost — we weren’t as transparent or communicative as we needed to be.

That changes today.

Where we’re going

Early conceptual design explorations for Dtravel: Winter/Spring 2022
Early conceptual design explorations for Dtravel: Winter/Spring 2022

You can expect more frequent updates from the Dtravel and TRVL working groups in the coming months. We have established teams focused on host outreach, community engagement, and building the first on-chain booking platform to empower hospitality entrepreneurs to connect directly with travelers and take ownership of their business.

We are also investing in bringing more utility to the TRVL token. To move fast, we’ve established a dedicated team for token initiatives, TRVL Labs. To start, we will launch a TRVL staking platform, allowing token holders to stake TRVL and LP tokens in exchange for rewards. In addition, TRVL Labs is actively developing a pledging platform, allowing other communities to pledge TRVL to support initiatives within the broader crypto-travel ecosystem. More on this to come.

For the community, we will hold ourselves accountable for transparency and outreach. We are launching a Discord for all community members to gather and discuss the future of Dtravel, TRVL, and the ownership economy. We will host monthly community calls and deliver frequent written updates on the strategy, design, and development of Dtravel for everyone interested.

Thank you

Finally, we are incredibly grateful to each of our supporters. Your thoughtful feedback and insight pushed us to be better.

Here’s to the future of travel. We’re excited to be on this trip with you.

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