What is this?

An experiment. Not only am I seeking motivation for completing my next novel, which has been a painful experience over the last few years (described more below), but I am trying to tap into the enthusiasm around blockchain/crypto/web3 (a passion of mine) as a source of funding. I would very much like to dedicate the rest of my life to writing, and perhaps I will finally make it a reality.

Who am I?

I published my first novel in 2017 after 4 years of development. (Actually, I wrote 80% of the book about 2 months, starting around December 2013, then floundered for a few years before mustering the energy to finish it). DYBSY is a book about a gamer and e-sports champion who is recruited into a video-game war.

Here are my favourite reviews for DYBSY:

Inspired, I began writing my second book, REMEMBER THE DAWN, in August 2017. True to form, I wrote 40% of the book in a month, then took another 10 months to finish. REMEMBER THE DAWN is an epic fantasy about starlight magic, politics, assassinations, and a religious uprising.

Here are a few powerful words of review for REMEMBER THE DAWN:

A well told tale of magic, espionage, subterfuge, greed, and dark power, Remember the Dawn is a satisfying novel that hints at a deep history. The world building is powerful, seen through the characters who are brought to life in vivid detail. There is no shying from the horror of violence within its pages. This will appeal to classic high fantasy readers that love a story which takes them so far from reality, while still hitting us emotionally, very close to home.  - Grimmedian,, @grimmedian

I've read an absolute mountain of fantasy, but Macdonald managed to make his story, characters, and setting really stand out. The magic system is fun, the characters are great, and the plot's pacing really kept me interested throughout. I hope that all readers have the same 'oh damn' moment I did when they are reminded that this, too, is just. Definitely recommend this book. - JD Book Services

In 2019, I produced both of books into audio. I don’t even like audiobooks, but they are there on Audible to be heard. (The narrator of RTD is especially badass).

What’s Wrong?

Ever since, I’ve put words to page much like a toddler might thrash about a pool the first time he or she is thrown in by their attentive parent.

There are many resources for authors who struggle with block, or motivation, or the struggle of completion. I hate them all. Hate is strong. Let me rephrase: I haven’t read, watched, or otherwise paid attention to any of them. I’m aware of their existence, sure, and of their theses, but they don’t really do anything for me. Failure to write is a subjective horror.

Prior to today’s announcement that Mirror would be opening up their publishing, I didn’t really know where to go next. But now I finally get to merge passions. I get to combine my love of writing science fiction and fantasy with my love of blockchain, crypto, and web3, and hopefully find other enthusiasts who are eager to support me in my continued work.

The Idea

Instead of spending my time digesting advice from people who want to tell me what to do, I’m going to try something else. I’m going to publish… something… here on Mirror. I’m going to complete it. And it’s going to feel good.

What is something?

I call it, “The Book of Chapters One”. My chapters one. That is, almost every first chapter of a new story I’ve written since I published my last book. (Including some writing I did prior to publishing my first book. You’ll probably see the difference in writing quality).

Would an anthology of short stories be better received? Almost definitely. Too bad. No resolutions to story arcs for you.

Instead, you will get cliffhangers, over and over, and you come to despise me for leaving your questions unanswered. The characters you loved, or the stories with which you connected—even after just a page or two—will be left hanging.


If I can draw out your emotion in a first chapter, it means I’m doing something right. And if I can draw out that emotion so much that you feel compelled to tell me about how I am an asshole and simply must keep writing a particular story, all the better.

Maybe I will.

That’s where you come in. This will be the public-facing page of my crowdfund! If any of the particular Chapters One catches your attention, and if you want to help me finish the novel with funding, here’s where you can do so. I invite you to contribute to my fund, and to tell me which of the stories you will read here you want me to finish.

How I envision things working.

When the funding goal is reached, I’ll withdraw the ETH and use it to fund completion of the chosen novel. (I hope to have a governance vote of $DYBSY holders to select which story to finish). Funding will be important for me, because I am currently struggling with my career following a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2020 (including three major surgeries and monthly chemo in perpetuity).

The completed manuscript will be published here, on Mirror, and I’ll mint it as an NFT. Anytime the NFT sells, the secondary fee will be added to a shared pool of ETH. Owners of the $DYBSY token will have a right to claim ETH from the shared pool proportional to their token ownership. I’ll investigate whether it makes sense to start some sort of liquidity mechanism later down the road. For now, I want to keep things simple. Funding → Fractional NFT ownership → Stake in the NFT.

Regardless of the finance mechanics, if you supported the project you will always be remembered as a backer, and I’ll include you in the acknowledgements. This is but one of several important milestones in history. Artists of all kind are flocking to this ecosystem to take advantage of the power of decentralization. Ten years from now, it won’t seem so strange at all.

Where can you find the Chapters One?

I have published the Chapters One on Mirror. Here’s a summary. Each working title is hyperlinked with the edition location.

Where can you find me?

I go by @mynameiswriter on Twitter and Instagram, and you can always find me hanging around Discord, somewhere. (But usually in the Rocket Pool #trading channel).

I’ve got a POAP!

For every reader who explores DYBSY and/or REMEBER THE DAWN, my fan community has nicely developed a POAP. Voila!

The event is open for one year. I've got claim codes galore. You'll need to pass my super difficult skill-testing questions to get one!
The event is open for one year. I've got claim codes galore. You'll need to pass my super difficult skill-testing questions to get one!