Eclipse Testnet Is Live

Ethereum’s fastest Layer 2 just got closer.

We’re excited to announce the next step toward the mass adoption of the Solana Virtual Machine: Eclipse, the first SVM Ethereum L2, is now live on Ethereum's Sepolia testnet and Celestia's Mocha testnet.

This marks our final milestone on the path to deploying Eclipse Mainnet, which will feature the best parts of the modular stack: Ethereum for settlement, Celestia for data availability, and the SVM for execution.

How can I use Eclipse Testnet?

Developers can now bridge Sepolia ETH and deploy contracts to the final testnet before Eclipse Mainnet. To use the validating bridge, developers can refer to our docs. The steps are roughly as follows:

  1. Create a keypair on Eclipse Testnet

  2. Receive Sepolia ETH using any available faucet

  3. Use the validating bridge to transfer tokens on Eclipse Testnet to your address

  4. Deploy contracts and interact with Eclipse Testnet apps

The first 1000 developers to deploy to Eclipse Testnet will receive a commemorative NFT on Eclipse Mainnet, launching early next year.

Our validating bridge is currently undergoing an audit. Upon its completion, Eclipse will open a bug bounty program for the bridge contracts.

What has been built for Eclipse Testnet?

Compared to Eclipse Devnet, Eclipse Testnet additionally publishes transactions to Celestia’s Mocha testnet. This makes it possible for any full node to follow along and ensure the commitments posted to the validating bridge are correct.

Eclipse Testnet features the first deployment of Eclipse's validating bridge. When bridge transactions hit the Ethereum mailbox, Firehose streams transactions to the full node running Eclipse for execution.

Withdrawals from the Eclipse validating bridge are disabled, and there is no user interface for the bridge. Eclipse Testnet should not be used to support any real economic value.

What's next for Eclipse Mainnet?

Now that blobs are posted to Mocha, the upcoming mainnet release of Blobstream will allow Celestia's data roots to be relayed to the Eclipse validating bridge on Ethereum.

Additionally, we’ll be upgrading the validating bridge to support ZK fault proofs, which will involve committing additional data to Celestia.

In the future, Eclipse will experiment further with the SVM. This includes work around novel fee markets that more accurately price compute, storage, and account locking. We'll also explore offering alternative bytecodes and custom gas tokens to give developers and users more options.

We welcome all community members to join our Discord to chat with the team and provide any testnet feedback.

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