Introducing the Ecofrontiers Map Prototype

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It might be ugly now, but it gets the job done!
It might be ugly now, but it gets the job done!

The emergent Web3 natural capital asset market is promising, but fractured. Web3 natural capital and green crypto-assets at large are hard to find and exchange. To alleviate this issue, Ecofrontiers is developing a prototype of a map aggregator displaying existing green crypto-assets for global discovery and trade.

  • Projects tokenizing natural capital are in need of a clear and intuitive platform to display the location of their assets. Environmental projects aiming to tokenize natural capital are in need of an interface to show where they are operating and advertise their project. Whereas most cryptocurrencies are global in scope, natural capital tends to be local and stewarded by place-based communities.

  • Organizations, governments and individuals willing to buy tokenized natural capital are in need of a unified interface enabling green asset discovery beyond carbon. Buyers might be regionally biased, or want to filter by asset type.

What has been done so far 🧑‍💻

A first functioning prototype of the Ecofrontiers Map is deployed. The team has developed this first test version of the Map using MongoDB and Mapbox. The Map displays eight different asset providers (a.k.a. "issuers"), and six asset types, for a total of 26 assets to discover. We added a filtering feature that enables the search for specific assets according to their type and issuer. See this LucidChart to get a high-level understanding of the architecture.

Beyond this prototype, Ecofrontiers is a research and advocacy program to advance the potential of Web3 technologies in natural capital markets. Our first campaign and associated industry report, “New Frontiers in Eco-Capitalism,” targets environmental policy-makers, green funds, and environmental projects to improve the conditions for producing natural capital at scale. sample chapter was published October 30th, and to the best of the program’s knowledge, is the first cohesive mapping of green crypto-assets.

Support the Ecofrontiers Map on Gitcoin!

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Ecofrontiers is an initiative led by Curve Labs. The team has a proven track of solid experiences in Web3 and Regenerative Finance, as researchers, project developers, and advisors. Please consult the team’s One-Pager to learn more about their past work and engagement.

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