eesee Testnet Is Live!

What You Need to Know

Welcome to eesee Testnet!

Months of hard work and anticipation are about to pay off. Thanks for sticking with us, and we invite you to join us on the next phase of our journey, where every step counts and each action carries a certain weight!

Bringing unmatched fluidity to NFT trading, eesee helps you unlock liquidity, trade and interact smoothly with other users, and be rewarded for your engagement.

Start testing now at, or keep reading; we'll walk you through the platform's features and a detailed user manual for the eesee testnet.

Testnet Reward Update

Spotlight on eesee's Features

As we celebrate the live unveiling of the testnet, here's a glimpse of what eesee brings to the table:

  • Revolutionary Trading Approach: Experience a trading paradigm where every transaction is a win-win for both parties.

  • ESE Token at the Core: ESE, eesee's native token, will be the heartbeat of all transactions, rewards, and incentives on the platform..

  • Engagement Like Never Before: Dive into a gamified ecosystem that keeps you hooked and rewards your interactions and activity.

Testnet Perks for Participants

  1. Testnet Reward Pool: The reward pool just got a major boost to a whopping $100,000 worth of $ESE! This epic surge is thanks to our incredible, ever-expanding user community. If you want a piece of the action, keep testing, and let's keep this momentum going.

  2. Farm Points for Rewards: Help shape the future of the NFT space while receiving rewards! Participants can farm points by engaging in various testing activities, and the more points you earn, the better you will be rewarded once the eesee mainnet goes live!

  3. Raffles for ESE Tokens and Blue-Chip NFTs: To make things spicy, we will be raffling out several rewards including high-value NFT every week to 1 person who made it to the Top 50 on our Leaderboard! Testnet participants will automatically enter these raffles.

  4. Refer a Friend - Take your engagement further by generating a unique referral link. For every friend you refer, you’ll earn a percentage (%) of their accumulated points. This amplifies your potential and strengthens our community by bringing more enthusiastic testers.

  5. Early Access to Features in Exclusive Discord Community: Joining the eesee revolution means being part of an exclusive Discord server that is privy to new features. Your feedback, usage patterns, and general activity will influence the direction of future development.

  6. Learning and Training: Our testnet offers an excellent opportunity to learn how the platform works without the pressure of using real assets. It's a practical training ground for understanding the mechanics of our exciting trading model.

  7. Feedback and Improvement: Play your part in improving the NFT space by providing feedback on the user experience, functionality, and performance of the eesee system. This feedback is invaluable to our users and heps us make crucial improvements and adjustments before the mainnet launch.

    Sounds tempting? Are you ready to embark on the testnet journey and reap its benefits? Begin now at and start harvesting the perks of eesee!

Your Guide to eesee's Testnet

For eesee's testnet to be a success, seamless integration with popular wallets like MetaMask is essential. This ensures that users can explore blockchain platforms without risks, making the Goerli testnet a top choice for Ethereum enthusiasts.

  1. Get Testnet Ether (GOR): To interact with Goerli, you need GOR, USDC, and a few NFTs. Obtain them from a Goerli faucet by clicking on ‘Get Tokens’ in the lower left corner and following a few simple steps.

2. Dive into Goerli Tests: With Goerli testnet added and assets in your wallet, you're set to explore!

This integration empowers users to experiment with dApps and smart contracts on eesee without real funds, ensuring a comprehensive, risk-free experience.

For Whitelisted users

Step 1. Visit eesee's official website - Ensure your browser is compatible and you have a testnet-ready wallet.

Step 2. Connect your wallet and add Goerli testing network for Ethereum

Step 3. Complete eesee Primary set of quests (simple X(Twitter) actions)

Step 4. Well done! You have unlocked the main challenges and can compete with other users for a position on the leaderboard and rewards!Go to the ‘Rewards’ page and participate in Season 1!

Step 5. Invite your friends, share your referral codes, and get additional points!

More invites = more points.

Step 6. Share your experience on X (Twitter), and guess what… get more points!

More Actions = More Points = 🪂

For those who don't have a Whitelist yet

Here are several ways to get it:

  1. Search on our socials or ask friends and members of the eesee community for an invite code.

  2. Send a screenshot of this article on the eesee Discord server and attach your EVM wallet in the message (channel ‘wl-proof’). We will selectively award access to the Testnet.

P.S.* If you have an invite code, enter it after connecting your wallet. Also, If you are a QuestN participant or submitted your wallet on eesee Discord, check your access on daily! Our team adds new wallets every 24 hours.*

Your Feedback is the Cornerstone of eesee's Development

The testnet isn't just a showcase; it's a call for collaboration. Your insights are gold. Here's how you can make a difference:

  • Spot a Glitch?: Report any issues via eesee's feedback channel. Detailed inputs, enriched with screenshots or videos, are particularly valuable.

  • Ideas & Improvements: Got a feature tweak in mind or a brand-new suggestion? We're all ears.

  • Usability Insights: Share your journey. Was the platform user-friendly? Did you face any challenges in navigating or grasping features?

    Ready to start testing the eesee platform?

About eesee

eesee is a gamified platform with social features and a digital assets marketplace that accelerates sales, provides additional liquidity, lowers the cost barrier to enter the market, and facilitates community growth. Initially, our focus was centered on Web3 assets. However, our strategy has since expanded to include integrating Web2 assets and tokenized real-world assets in the upcoming period. Our Partnerships with prestigious partners such as Polygon, ApeCoin, Alchemy, Chainlink, and many others bolster this evolution in our approach.

From NFT listings to raffles, eesee offers many opportunities to engage and earn. Stay consistent, try your luck with the raffles, express your thoughts, and remember to tweet your eesee moments. Let the world know whether it's a successful NFT sale, a new listing, a raffle win, or early access to the testnet. And yes, always remember to share your referral code with your followers!

For more updates, follow us:

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