eesee Rewards Phase 2: How To Maximize Your Airdrop

Barely a month after completing Phase 1 and a record-breaking massive airdrop to 55,000+ users, we're ready to move on to Phase 2!

In the previous Airdrop, we gave away a significant amount of $ESE, and now even bigger rewards are coming to our community!

Farm never stops - that's our community motto

In just one month since the launch of eesee Mainnet, over 11K lots have been raffled off, and tens of thousands of new users have joined eesee!

Don’t waste time and start maximizing your $ESE allocation right now!
Here’re a few hints which will help you

How To Join Phase 2?

As you all know, we’re currently on Mainnet, meaning everyone can freely join and start farming rewards!

Lots of web3 users have already joined us in a new, the most engaging way to trade their assets - Now it’s your turn!

Complete these few steps to join the new era of digital assets trading:

  • Go to eesee's official website

  • Connect your wallet

  • Complete onboarding & start exploring the platform

  • Buy your first tickets and win raffles!

Don't put it off for tomorrow! Tens of lots, fun challenges, blue-chip NFTs for just a small fraction of their true cost - all of this is waiting for you right now- Buy Ticket

eesee Phase 2 Rewards

To make Phase 2 even more attractive, we are expanding the amount of ways to earn rewards as well as the rewards themselves!

Apart from a significant amount of $ESE tokens, we will also give away Blast Gold to the most active eesee users!

Don’t miss out on double benefits!

Blast Gold will be allocated based on your activity on the platform. We will choose among the most interesting lots on the platform and randomly award some users who have entered it!

All our users are now able to farm airdrop by completing quests on the platform, inviting friends to join eesee, staking and providing liquidity to $ESE, and participating in the Agents Ambassador program!

Each point will propel you higher in the Leaderboard giving you a chance to get a bigger reward after a snapshot

Intrigued? Now let's take a closer look at all the ways you can maximize your rewards

How To Maximize Your Rewards?

✅ Some things remain constant: The more Points you get = The bigger airdrop you can receive

Here’re are a few simple steps which will help you in farming:

Complete Challenges

eesee makes your trading process fun and gamified with tens of different Quests & Challenges

Complete the Onboarding and explore the platform to open up all the available quests and rank higher in the Leaderboard

Join Lots

Each lot contributes to both completing platform quests and building up trading volume, increasing the amount of your rewards

During the 2nd phase our users have even bigger choice of lots as we’ve already added token raffles & the RWAs are coming soon

List - Sell - Buy = Earn more points and more rewards!

Invite Your Friends To Join The Platform

Another great way to earn points is to invite your friends using your referral code or referral link!

More friends you invite = more points you get. You will receive 16% of the points earned by your referral and 8% of the points earned by your friend's referrals

Stake your $ESE tokens

As the $ESE is live, it opens you a whole new world to earn more rewards

With the option to pick between Flexible & Fixed staking pools you can earn up to 1000% APR, get Blast Gold & Points and maximize your airdrop within Rewards Phase 2

Provide liquidity to $ESE on Thruster

To start earning rewards with providing liquidity you only need to complete few simple steps:

1. Provide liquidity to WETH/ESE pool on Thruster

Enter the amount of each token you wish to deposit to the liquidity pool. Thruster will automatically calculate the equivalent value of the other token required for the liquidity pair.

Once deposited, the liquidity will be added to the Thruster V2 pool, and you'll receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens representing your share of the pool

2. Go to Hyperlock , find WETH/ESE pool and stake LP tokens that you received during the previous step

Now you can enjoy passive earning of not only eesee points but also:

  • Blast points

  • Thruster Credits

  • Hyperlock points

Don’t forget that to withdraw your liquidity you will need to Withdraw your LP tokens on Hyperlock and then exchange LP tokens for initial liquidity you provided on Thruster

🕵️ Become an eesee Agent Ambassador

Our Ambassadors are the core community and our most active members, so as part of Rewards Phase 2, all Agents will be able to share an exclusive pool of $ESE tokens!

We will track the activity of our Ambassadors through Zealy campaign, the link to which will be available in the closed agents chat in our Discord

How much rewards you can earn as an ambassador will depend only on you!

Stay tuned to all the updates in our Discord and don't miss out on this great opportunity to increase your $ESE allocation - Campaign will be limited by only 2K participants

Lots of benefits and rewards are waiting for you, don't miss out!

Buy tickets, join raffles and earn with eesee - Join Rewards Phase 2

For more updates, follow us:

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