eesee Mainnet is Live!

Get ready to step on the new level of your journey within the eesee platform as we’re successfully finishing our Testnet and launching the Mainnet! Months of dedication and hard work, thousands of raffled lots and crazy stats on Testnet - Over 1.9M connected wallets to the platform, with 700M+ in real assets and transactions worth 3B+ in the last 3 months

Everything is culminating in this pivotal moment! We're insanely grateful for your support as it was the biggest motivation for us to keep building the best marketplace in the whole web3

For your convenience, all the detailed info about rewards can be found in a Rewards Guide

1. Background

eesee is a gamified liquidity solution and marketplace for digital assets, tokens and RWAs on Blast, backed by Animoca Brands

We started to build eesee to make web3 trading easy, fun and accessible to everyone. Our mission is to create a complete solution for all web3 users, allowing them to sell fast, buy low, enter the web3 market at low cost, make new connections and enjoy interactive & gamified WEB3 experience.

We’re building eesee with a team of true professionals and experts of marketing, developing and creating content, whose expertise allows us to make the platform better day-by-day. All this led by our CEO - Vova Sadkov. We’ve also raised $3,6M from tier-1 Investors and Angels, such as:

  • Animoca Brands

  • Daedalus Angels

  • SevenX Ventures

  • Maven Capital

  • Metabros

  • BasementDAO

  • Momentum 6

  • Contango Digital

  • Spyre Capital

  • And many more

2. How it works?

Let's take a look at the core mechanics of eesee using one of the lots created by a user during our Testnet as an example:

  1. Seller has an NFT from an NFT collection with $3000 floor that he/she wants to sell for $5,000

  2. After listing an NFT with 10,000 tickets and entry price = $0,5 the buyer sees the opportunity to get an expensive asset for a fraction of a real cost (The number of tickets bought by 1 person is unlimited).

  3. Once the raffle is fully assembled, Axelar algorithm randomly selects a winner from all ticket buyers of this lot

  4. Boom - the seller gains the full price of his asset and the buyer takes an expensive item for just a small fraction of a true cost

Sounds amazing, right? On eesee everyone can maximize their profit on selling and buying digital assets!
Sounds amazing, right? On eesee everyone can maximize their profit on selling and buying digital assets!

3. How to join eesee Mainnet

For several months during Testnet, we tested the concept of our platform to see if it was interesting to users in cryptospace

Now the numbers speak for themselves! We see hundreds of thousands of eesee users have joined the testnet and have already tried out our amazing ticketed raffle system!

Now it's time to play BIG and let people buy and sell their actual digital assets

Complete these few steps to join the new era of digital assets trading:

  • Go to eesee's official website

  • Connect your wallet

  • Buy your first tickets and win raffles!

Don't put it off for tomorrow! Tens of lots are waiting for you right now - Buy Ticket

4. Why do we launch on Blast?

Blast is not only one of the fastest growing communities in all of WEB3, but also a game changer that allows us to integrate into an innovative ecosystem & implement the latest techonological solutions and our users get a double benefit from participating in Mainnet!

In addition to rewards for points earned on our Mainnet, each user will be able to join the airdrop from Blast!

eesee has connected Blast Points API, which automatically converts our points into Blast points as well

More information about Blast rewards and how to accumulate their points in our Rewards Guide

5. Testnet and Mainnet Rewards

We had only 1 rule on our Testnet: more users = more rewards 🪂. We want to say “Thank you” to everyone who tested our platform, gave us feedback and helped us to improve the platform

Without you we couldn't have gotten this far and launch eesee in it’s fully complete version

We want to reward you for contribution to eesee and make earning Mainnet rewards easier - All points earned on Testnet will be transferred to Mainnet at a 1/1 ratio

  • Points for invited referrals are transferred only if the referral has 1 or more on-chain transactions

  • Points are credited to a user only if they have 1 or more on-chain transactions on his/her account

Claim your reward right after the Mainnet launch and become the leader on the very first day!

Mainnet rewards will also depend on the amount of points that you will earn. Points farming will be available for every user who trades on eesee after the Mainnet launch

After the snapshot on the 9th of April, all points earned by users will be converted into tokens, before listing the token on exchangesHurry up to farm! You have only 8 days to maximize the amount of airdrop that you will get!

For more detailed info check out our Rewards Guide

7. Special perks for the very first Mainnet users

Let’s make the eesee Mainnet launch memorable for everyone! Be among the first users and claim a Special Bonus ⬇️

Number of winners: Unlimited

Timings: From April 1st to the 8th of April

Terms: Buy at least 1 ticket in any lot

Prize: 500 Bonus Points 🎁🎉

Join the Mainnet, buy your first ticket and claim the bonus -

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