Eesee-Educator Guide

1. Go to the official website of and connect your wallet to explore the platform

2. Join the Testnet and pick the topic you want to educate others about: it could be anything, starting from explaining different quests ending with a review of a unique ticketed sales system and showing off cool NFTs on the platform!

3. Don’t forget to share your exclusive invite code! For every person who follows your referral code, you'll get bonus points and move higher on the leaderboard!

4. And for those who want to tell about eesee the most interesting facts we have prepared a separate page where you can find answers to the most interesting questions-

5. Go to any of the sections and tell other users about "What is eesee?", "Who are our investors and partners?", "What benefits do sellers and buyers get?" and much more

 How it works
 How it works
Most common questions
Most common questions

6. Create your post using information from the Testnet and “about” page and share it on Twitter with “@eesee_io” tag. Don’t forget to attach some cool screenshots or arts to your post!

7. Engage the Community: Get likes, retweets, and comments to maximize your reach.

8. Submit your tweet together with your wallet address in our “submission-channel” in our Discord-

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