eesee IRO Launchpad

Initial Raffle Offering – a new way to launch your token

Introducing the eesee IRO Launchpad, a platform that connects the 1M+ eesee community members to the most promising startups in all of the WEB3 & brings them tons of engagement and social boosting with eesee core community members priority participation, exclusive benefits and opportunities.

The eesee Launchpad is an IRO (Initial Raffle Offering) platform for Web3 projects looking to launch their token in the most fun and engaging way for the community.

As a proof of concept, the pioneer of a new approach will be eesee – the first project to make an IRO!

What is eesee

Gamified liquidity solution and marketplace for digital assets, tokens and RWAs on Blast backed by Animoca Brands.

eesee helps users maximize their trading profits by selling digital assets, tokens, and RWAs at a desired price, regardless of market conditions. As buyers, users can get digital assets for just a fraction of their price, lowering the cost barrier to enter the web3 market.

How IRO works

IRO (Initial Raffle Offering) – when everyone is a winner and participation is affordable and easy as never before!

Now, you don't have to hold large amounts in your wallet just to have a shot at winning the allocation. With eesee, all you need to do is complete KYC and buy one ticket at an incredibly affordable price.

Buying 1 ticket can get you an allocation size of 50% – 1,000% of the ticket price. Superprofits can be provided by the increasing token price of a successful project.

When projects are ready to launch their tokens and list them on exchanges, eesee IRO Launchpad is the best platform for public sale.

The main factor that makes the community stay hyped and wait for the launch is the “First Come First Served” basis — All members, even if they haven’t registered interest, can participate in the FCFS round.

Participate with minimal investments, guaranteed to get from the smallest to the largest allocations and let Gelato VRF decide its size!

The process is super easy and fun! Just buy the tickets to participate and get a guaranteed allocation of random size ( determined by a fully transparent Gelato VRF), each ticket is assigned an allocation.

There will be 5 allocation tiers for $ESE IRO:

Buying 1 ticket can get you an allocation size of 50% – 1,000% of the ticket price. Superprofits can be provided by the increasing token price of a successful project.

  1. Metal WT - 50% tokens allocation

  2. Bronze WT - 100% tokens allocation

  3. Silver WT - 200% tokens allocation

  4. Gold WT - 500% tokens allocation

  5. Platinum WT - 1000% tokens allocation

Each project comes with its own unique requirements, different from eesee IRO parameters, including general allocation, maximum participants, cost per ticket, an allocation hidden in each of the tiers.

By using eesee IRO Launchpad and joining any IRO, you will always be exposed to top-tier IDOs. The projects that we list on the platform are carefully selected and must meet certain requirements.

Therefore, even with the minimum allocation, as long as the project launches with an amazing growth, you'll still turn a profit!

The process remains consistent across projects:

  1. Be among the first within the set number of participants (FCFS)

  2. Buy a ticket for participation (the more tickets bought, the more chances to get a larger allocation)

  3. Wait until Gelato VRF distributes allocations among the participants

  4. Receive the amount of token allocated for you

Entry Requirements

Investors interested in participating in eesee IRO’s must complete KYC verification on our platform (through Blockpass)In the future, to participate in the IRO Launchpad on eesee, it will also be necessary to stake a certain amount of $ESE, as 1 of our token utilities.

Our pipeline is actively filled with promising projects, and we will open our Launchpad with our token $ESE.

Complete KYC and get ready for big announcements on eesee IRO Launchpad!

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