eesee Mainnet: Points & Rewards Reveal

We’re insanely thrilled to announce that after 3 months of Testnet with 1,97M+ connected wallets, more than 100K+ raffled lots and reaching the TVF of $650M+, we’re launching the Mainnet!

Our Mainnet is not only about opening a new horizons of digital assets trading, it’s also about rewarding our users with the $ESE tokens airdrop!

How to maximize it? The primary factor that will decide the amount of airdrop you receive is the Points that you earn by completing quests and Challenges on the platform

Check out on how to get the maximum amount of points and make your drop bigger ⬇️

How To Farm Points

The more Points you get = The more airdrop you can receiveHere’re are a few simple steps which will help you in farming:

1. Complete Challenges

eesee makes your trading process fun and gamified with tens of different Quests & Challenges

Complete the Onboarding and explore the platform to open up all the available quests and rank higher in the Leaderboard

2. Join Lots

Each lot contributes to both completing platform quests and building up trading volume, increasing the amount of your rewards

List - Sell - Buy = Earn more points and more rewards!

3. Invite Your Friends To Join The Platform

Another great way to earn points is to invite your friends using your referral code or referral link!

More friends you invite = more points you get. You will receive 16% of the points earned by your referral and 8% of the points earned by your friend's referrals!

Rewards Campaign

To recognize our users' contributions to the platform we have created a special rewards system -  all our active users will gain the great amount of benefits including the Airdrop within our Incentivized Mainnet Campaign

For the 8 days, until the 9th of April, 10 AM UTC, all users participating in our Mainnet will be able to earn points through completing quests and exploring the platform. Hurry up, you have only 12 days to maximize the amount of airdrop thay you will get!

Each point will propel you higher in the Mainnet Leaderboard giving you a chance to get a bigger reward after a snapshot.

For users who have participated in eesee testing, points earned on Mainnet will be added to those earned within Testnet, increasing the size of the final reward even more!

  • Points for invited referrals are transferred only if the referral has 1 or more on-chain transactions

  • Points are credited to a user only if he/she has 1 or more on-chain transactions on his/her account

Blast Points & Gold

As eesee is launching on Blast, we’ve integrated a Blast Points API which accumulates the points from transactions on eesee into Blast points, allowing our users to join their airdrop.

For these points our active users will be able to claim the main airdrop from Blast as well as bonus boxes, available for a certain amount of points.

In addition to this, eesee becomes Blast dapp and will gain Blast Gold with the amount based on our platform’s contribution to Blast ecosystem. Gold is 50% of the total Blast airdrop and will be given to dapps as a reward for their activity.

100% of the Gold received by eesee will be redistributed to our users as an additional reward, increasing the final amount of airdrop!

Don’t forget to join our Agents Ambassadors Program!

eesee Ambassadors can get an access to an exclusive $ESE, $USDT & NFTs prize pool which we distribute monthly, gain access to the most promising projects in the eesee ecosystem and even earn cash rewards on weekly basis!

Create content about eesee, spread it all around and get rewarded weekly! Check out the full guide on how to become an eesee amabassador and become an Agent🕵‍♂️!

Lots of benefits and rewards are waiting for you, don't miss out!

Buy tickets, join raffles and earn with eesee - Join Mainnet

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