Elad Gil, Akash Garg, & Rebecca Rettig join as Electric Capital Advisors

Elad Gil, Akash Garg, & Rebecca Rettig join as Electric Capital Advisors to Support Crypto Founders

  • Elad Gil is the co-founder of Color Health, former VP at Twitter, began Google’s Mobile team, and an investor in over 40 companies worth over $1 billion, including Airbnb, Airtable, Coinbase, Figma, OpenSea, and Stripe.

  • Akash Garg is the former CTO of MoonPay, CTO at Afterpay (acquired by Block), and led engineering teams at Uber and Twitter that onboarded millions of new users to mobile.

  • Rebecca Rettig is Chief Policy Officer at Polygon, former Chief Legal and Policy Officer at the Aave Companies, and a pioneer in understanding legal considerations surrounding DeFi, DAOs, and more.

Electric Advisors Are Experts Who Support Crypto Founders

Building crypto companies and protocols is uniquely challenging. Founders must build easy-to-use products on entirely new software platforms, navigate complex and nuanced regulatory questions, and create new markets to support creators and promote financial inclusion. Electric Advisors are the world’s leading experts in these areas and are available to help founders navigate these challenges.

Elad, Akash, and Rebecca will join our existing advisors Jay Clayton, the 32nd Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Kevin Warsh, a former Federal Reserve Board of Governor, and Pratiti Raychoudhury, Head of Research at Meta.

We are excited to welcome the newest Electric Capital Advisors:

Elad Gil

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Advisor

Elad Gil co-founded Color Health and Mixer Labs (acquired by Twitter). He helped scale Twitter from 90 to 1,500 people, started Google’s Mobile team, and authored the High Growth Handbook. Elad has invested in over 40 companies worth $1 billion or more, 30 of which he funded at the seed or series A, including Airbnb, Airtable, Anchorage, Brex, Coinbase, Figma, Instacart, OpenSea, and Stripe. 

Elad will work with founders on fundraising, product strategy, and organizational growth.

Akash Garg

Former Engineering Executive at MoonPay, Afterpay (acquired by Block), Uber, Twitter

Akash Garg was CTO of MoonPay, CTO at Afterpay (acquired by Block), and led engineering teams at Twitter and Uber. At Afterpay, he founded and led the technology teams that were responsible for Afterpay’s US expansion. Block acquired Afterpay in 2021 for $29 billion. Previously, he led all technology products for Uber’s 3.5+ million drivers including onboarding, compliance, and driver experience, as well as led technical teams that added tens of millions of users to Twitter.

Akash will work with founders in engineering architecture, building and scaling high-performing engineering teams, and more.

Rebecca Rettig

Chief Policy Officer, Polygon Labs

Rebecca Rettig is the Chief Policy Officer at Polygon Labs, where she oversees global policy and drives relationships with regulators across the globe. She was previously Chief Legal and Policy Officer at the Aave Companies, where she advocated for policies supporting decentralized blockchain technology. Rebecca was previously a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips and FisherBroyles, where she represented well-known DeFi & crypto software development companies in litigation and regulatory matters. Rebecca is a pioneer in understanding the complex legal considerations around DeFi, DAOs, legal structures around protocols, tokens, and more.

Rebecca will work closely with founders in areas such as legal and regulatory compliance, government relations, and public policy.

Welcome Elad, Akash, and Rebecca!

About Electric Capital

Electric Capital is one of the largest crypto-native venture capital firms. Electric has raised over $1 billion in capital to invest in early-stage crypto companies and protocols with investment sizes ranging from $1m to $50m. Electric is unique in its ability to provide founders with deep expertise in engineering, product design, token economic design, liquidity provisioning, on-chain governance support and cryptography. Two-thirds of the Electric Capital team are engineers and former founders with successful exits. Electric Capital's investments include Aven, Bitwise, Bitnomial, Certora, dYdX, Frax, Hashflow, Magic Eden, NEAR, Slingshot and more. 

For more information, please visit electriccapital.com.



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