I'm releasing my new Book - "The Social Token Revolution" is now available!  ✨

TLDR; I’ve published a book that aims to make it easy for anyone to understand the third crypto revolution and leverage social tokens to earn a living from their passion. The book is already available on Amazon, and anyone purchasing the book the first week will receive some $ELIOT tokens. Keep reading 🔥

Since I've started working in the Web3 space, I've spent hours digging the space and trying to understand how this new technology, and specifically Social Tokens, will change the way we live daily. Today, I'm releasing a book - "The Social Token Revolution: The next big thing in crypto is here, and it will revolutionize how people work together" - sharing all I learned throughout my journey.

Your crypto journey starts here…

My mission has always been to educate as many people as possible to the potential of such a revolution by writing essays and creating content around the subject.

I'm realizing daily that many decentralized communities are leveraging Social Tokens and are (potentially) becoming billion-dollar communities. The future decentralized Google and Facebook are being built now, and it's time to educate the next millions of workers to join them.

This book aims to give an overview of the fundamental concepts around Social Tokens and educate the next millions of workers to leverage crypto mechanisms, understand the technical aspects of Web3 and explore the potential future we will live in. You can purchase an edition now by clicking the link below.

As more people are leaping Web3, I received many questions and requests on better understanding this space. I've started to write this book to answer the many questions I received throughout the last months, trying to easily explain new concepts such as Tokenomics or Bonding curve.

So what exactly is a Social Token? Has it the potential to revolutionize how people are collaborating? Is now a good time to jump into this revolution? That's what I'm answering in this book!

I truly hope "The Social Token Revolution" will help you understand this revolution better and go all-in in this space. Web3 is a positive sum-game where we all have an interest in onboarding new people in Crypto. Social tokens might be the third crypto revolution, a new technology that will allow anyone to earn a living from their passion and achieve financial freedom. Social tokens finally provide ownership to creators and allow anyone to share the upside more fairly.

It might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and be rewarded for being part of this revolution. Don't miss it. Your crypto journey might starts with this book…

Special Offer(s)

If you've been following me since the beginning, it's thanks to you that I'm able to release this book today. I'll be forever grateful for people engaging with my content and helping me throughout my crypto journey, and I want to thank all my early supporters. That's why I'm offering FOR FREE the first part of my book to $ELIOT holders. If you've at least 50 $ELIOT, you can connect your wallet and download the first part of "The Social Token Revolution" here.

If you're just discovering me or don't hold ant $ELIOT tokens, don't worry, it's not too late to earn some! Every person purchasing an edition of "The Social Token Revolution" and leaving a review on Amazon will earn $ELIOT tokens and will have access to special perks moving forward. To earn some tokens, purchase the book here, head to the Mission 3 on ELIOT HQ on Coinvise's Discord , and follow the instructions. You’ll need to create a Discord account if you don’t have one yet. If you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, complete the Mission 1 first. See you there 🔥

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