Join the Elys Network Brigadier program

Introducing Elys Network, a cutting-edge blockchain powered by the Cosmos SDK, designed with the community in mind.

At Elys, our mission is clear: to establish ourselves as the go-to trading platform for both seasoned Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers from Web2.

Thanks to our innovative approach utilizing account abstraction, trading on the Elys Network is seamless, eliminating the need for a Web3 wallet and bridging the gap between these two spheres with unprecedented ease.

Whether you're well-versed in Web3 technology or just getting started, our platform offers an extensive range of DeFi tools, empowering you to trade your favorite coins and engage in Long/Short positions with unparalleled simplicity.

Elys Network isn't just another blockchain; it's a testament to the values of decentralization at the core of the Cosmos ecosystem.

To achieve optimal decentralization, we rely on a vibrant community dedicated to embracing and championing our project's ethos.

This is your opportunity to join us in shaping a future, where everyone has the opportunity to participate and thrive.

No matter who you are, you can all find a place at Elys and an incentive that matches who you are will be waiting for you.

Why become a Brigadier

Engaging in the Ambassador Program presents a unique opportunity for you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Elys Network.

Not only will you have the chance to participate in the Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF) round, but you'll also contribute to realizing a vision and acknowledging a dedicated team working tirelessly to democratize Web3 access for all.

Elys network team will allocate 1,008,000 $ELYS to the first Retroactive Public Goods funding round. (Distributed in $EDEN)

A maximum of 300 Brigadiers will share this allocation.

We want to encourage all types of contributions:

  • Influencers

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KoLs)

  • Marketing Help

  • Development

  • Media

  • Moderators

  • Meetings organiser

The RPGF, pioneered by Optimism, empowers users, educators, influencers, and builders to engage on their own terms and be duly recognized for their contributions. This deliberate choice of format embodies our ethos at Elys: we champion autonomy and empowerment.

You dictate your actions, what, when, and how you choose to contribute.

This principle extends to our community program, which has been flourishing for the past 2 months, inviting every participant to contribute according to their own discretion.

What does it involve and why should I join in?

The RPGF is straightforward: it entails the allocation of a set number of tokens, claimable after a predefined period.

Over the course of a few months, you actively participate, curate content, and store your contributions.

When the time arrives, a dedicated forum opens for both the community and the foundation to evaluate your involvement.

Based on the impact of your contributions on the Elys community and the quality of your engagement, you'll receive a proportional token allocation.

This framework is designed to afford you the freedom to act according to your own volition and to reap the rewards of your efforts. With no micromanagement from our end, you enjoy complete autonomy, everyone emerges victorious.

How to Join?

To be part of the program you will need to :

  • Follow us on twitter :
  • Complete the brigadier form :
  • Join our Discord :

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