Entropy Raises $25M Seed Round

“Beware oh young spirits! Beware of the old sirens! The old have ideas that cannot be those of youth. So seek again your castoff selves. Discover yourselves. Don’t let yourselves be violated!” – Renzo Novatore

Self-custody is supposed to be a pillar of Crypto. Since the earliest days of the industry, it’s a vision many assumed would always be at the forefront of priorities. Sectors like DeFi and NFT tech grow exponentially and with seemingly endless creativity - while the infrastructure around custody remains stagnant since the launch of multi-sigs in early 2017, due to the complexity of the problem.

Tackling decentralized custody isn’t just about creating a robust and secure network to facilitate permissions. It’s about intrinsically understanding how to pioneer a brand new design space around decentralized institutions and their participants, and delivering products that meet the needs of all crypto native users.

Entropy is here to radically redesign crypto custody, empowering the rise of truly decentralized institutions and their participants. Whether a DAO, VC firm, corporation or treasury, we are deploying infrastructure primitives that remove the inefficiency of existing crypto custody solutions. With Entropy, decentralized institutions will outperform their predecessors, moving value and resources in a truly trustless and radically more efficient workflow.

Backed by the very best :)
Backed by the very best :)

To this effect, we’re delighted to share that we’ve finished raising a $25M Seed round to deliver on our vision to pioneer a design space for decentralized institutions, their participants, and all crypto-native folks. We’re very happy to bring on a16z as our lead for this round, who share our unique vision and passion to set the foundation for this radical new design space. In addition, we’re thrilled to include Dragonfly Capital, Ethereal Ventures, Variant, Coinbase Ventures, Robot Ventures, Inflection, and the Komerabi Fund. Finally, we want to extend a huge thanks to our immaculate group of angel investors such as: Naval Ravikant, Sabrina Hahn, James Prestwich, as well as founders and angels from Coinbase, FWB, Nomad, Violet, Tally.xyz, Centrifuge, and others.

We’re confident that the cumulative experience our team has amassed, through direct contributions to well known projects in the space, gives us a distinct advantage to tackle the custody design space head on.

Entropy’s roots, both cultural and technical, uniquely position us to radically redesign crypto custody and aggressively empower the rise of decentralized institutions and their participants.

We’re hiring!

We’re currently hiring for the following roles:

1. ✨ Software Engineer (Entropy Core Protocol, Rust)
2. ✨ Lead Mobile Engineer (iOS, Rust)

If either of these roles interest you, reach out to hello@entropy.xyz :)

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