Back from Lisbon
November 22nd, 2021

I’m back from a short yet productive trip from Lisbon. During my fleeting time there, I was able to host a KryptoLisbon meetup, moderate a panel on Cosmoverse conference, and catch up irl with a bunch of crypto friends. Although fears of COVID did affect me, as soon as I arrived at the Incheon airport, I was all for it.

When I travel abroad, I always try to host a KryptoSeoul meetup, whether it is small or large. Although I did not know anything about Lisbon, I decided to organize my own event by partnering up with The Base Lisbon, a coworking space in the center of Lisbon.

The meetup went extremely well, and we had a superb panel of 6 panelists: Augie from Sequoia, Baek from Hashed, Peng from Tendermint, Vanessa from CoinFund, David from dYdX Foundation, and Tim from The Block. Since it was such a diverse panel, we covered general topics that highlighted 2021 - DeFi, NFTs, DAOs. During the 1-hour panel, so much insight was poured in coming from different angles. What was most impressive was that the panelists had a balanced viewpoint in that they don’t just see everything as a rosy future. Concerns about security, regulations, usability, etc were all brought up. It was truly a magical experience.

Oh, and the meetup was briefly covered in Korean media CoinNess! Here’s the link:

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