Thoughts on ETH Denver

I just got back from Denver to home in Seoul. During my 7-day quarantine period, I thought it would be wise to organize my thoughts and feelings about ETH Denver.

  1. A healthy mix of OGs and newbies - Honestly, I thought ETH Denver will be mostly full of OGs, but I didn’t know that it would be this big. It was wonderful to see many new (and young!) faces in the scene, trying actively to catch up and throw great ideas. The largest interest from institutions and “outsiders” (not in the crypto crowd yet but observing or interested in the space) so far.
  2. I could not recognize most faces - and I know a LOT of people in crypto space. Whenever I recognized a OG friend on the street, I jumped with delight and my face brightened up with joy. It just means a lot to reunite with those who’ve went through the ups and downs and have done consistent work in the space, without just coming for the NFT hype. Also, it was hard to focus on the people that I trust, due to the huge volume of people flooding out of every venue in Denver.
  3. The NFT and DAO hype is real, and I don’t know if I welcome it. It’s a tad too much imo. It almost feels like a must factor when you want to be seen “cool” in crypto or something.
  4. ETH Denver had an inclusive program in terms of sponsors and presentation content. So called “eth killers” took part in many ways - which was surprising to see. Just an amusing observation, but Harmony and Polygon went all-in in terms of afterparties.
  5. I always feel this way tbh, but I felt strong as ever the need to step up in my game and keep learning and building - otherwise I’ll be swept away by this never-ending wave of new ideas and brilliant minds. This space is exploding - keep being consistent and be humble.
  6. I’m known as the “nice” person in the Korean crypto scene, and I’m not sure that is a good thing. Male-dominant macho culture still exists - and will forever exist. I rarely express this thought, but I strongly felt this on this Denver trip. Do I need to have a large sum of capital in order to be taken “seriously?” Devoting my time and passion into creating a healthy community is still looked down upon, compared to investors who can sway their portfolio companies on what to do. I won’t go too deep into this, but this consistent ignorance discourages me and challenges me in unnecessary ways.
  7. My KryptoDenver private lunch event went so smoothly - I could not ask for anything else. It was absolutely perfect, in terms of the vibe, food, people. My Denver trip was half complete after successfully finishing this event - then I MCed in ETH Denver main event at the Sports Castle Infinity Stage, and that went pretty well as well. I was concerned that I might ruin the stage (and I don’t make good jokes!!), but thankfully it passed by well. That perfected my trip… then the PEOPLE I met in Denver was cherry on the top. The stress I got from preparing for the trip and going through the trip was the highest so far, among all my trips in the past - but the level of satisfaction and “reward” I got was the highest as well.

These observations and thoughts are very rough - this is literally a rough draft. Also, I’m still adjusting to reality in Seoul and getting out of the Denver daze. That said, I simply want to emphasize that this trip has inspired/motivated in so many ways, and I wish to become a stronger and more competent person in pushing my Erica Social Token project and BUIDL Asia conference this year. LFG!

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