Cancellation of ETHBrno 2023

Dear Ethereum and privacy enthusiasts,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of this year's ETHBrno 2023 and the associated Web3Privacy Summit, originally scheduled for November 2-5, 2023. Due to unforeseen challenges and limited resources, we've reached the tough decision that we cannot host the event to the standards that we and the community expect.

Last year, ETHBrno² (2022) carved its niche as the small and friendly Ethereum hackathon exclusively focused on privacy. This event was not just a hackathon; it was a movement, a beacon for all those who believed in the power of privacy on the Ethereum blockchain. The enthusiasm and innovations that emerged from ETHBrno² were nothing short of inspiring.

We take immense pride in what we accomplished in 2022. The winning project was Brume Wallet, a private Ethereum wallet using Tor. But ETHBrno was not just about coding; it was also about sparking conversations, igniting passions, and initiating change. Thanks to the dedication and zeal of all participants, the Web3Privacy Now initiative was born. This initiative further culminated in the successful hosting of the Web3Privacy Summit #1 in June, as a part of Prague Blockchain Week. It was a testament to the fact that when a community comes together with a shared vision, magic happens.

While it's disheartening to hit the pause button this year, it's essential to remember that every pause is a chance for reflection, recalibration, and re-energization. We are using this time to regroup, gather more resources, and come back stronger than ever for the next edition.

While we won't be hosting ETHBrno this year, the spirit of innovation and collaboration lives on. We strongly encourage our community members to attend other notable events of our friends, that champion the cause of Ethereum and privacy:

  • Protocol Berg conference on 15 September 2023

  • ETHRome hackathon on 6-8 October 2023 (incl. Web3Privacy Meetup)

  • ETHBerlin hackathon scheduled for May 2024

In these dynamic times, the importance of privacy in the digital world cannot be overstated. Our commitment to promoting privacy, security, and decentralized technology remains unwavering. We believe in a future where privacy is not just an option but a fundamental right.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to our supporters, followers, and the entire Ethereum community. Your faith in us, your constant support, and your shared belief in the cause we champion have been invaluable. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by this decision. Rest assured, we are more committed than ever to come back with a renewed vigor and make ETHBrno an even bigger success in the future.

Until we meet again, keep innovating, keep believing, and most importantly, keep privacy at the forefront.

Stay private, stay secure.

Warm regards,

The ETHBrno Team

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