Announcing ETHBrno²

“The conflict between old and new power structures is preprogrammed.

While solarpunks join DAOs, lunarpunks prepare for war.

By favoring transparent systems, solarpunk is engineering its fate.

The only hope is to go dark.”


  • November 11-13, 2022

  • Lunarpunk hackathon focused on Privacy & Security

  • Impact Hub @ Brno, Czech Republic

  • For more informations read our docs or follow us on Twitter

  • Apply to hack right now, we are open!


gm frens!

The last few months have been challenging. The crypto market has turned into a bearish mood, FUD is spreading from all sides. But most importantly, we are witnessing governments begin perceive open and neutral technologies as a threat to their sovereignty. No one could have missed what's going on around Tornado Cash right now. Moreover, The Merge is coming soon and it just adds to the pot.

When we organized the first ETHBrno last year, everything seemed much more positive. As sad as it may sound at first glance, every cloud has its silver lining. It has become much clearer that cryptocurrencies and the freedom they give us are needed more than ever.

It is also absolutely clear that we have to go back to elementary fundamentals.
Let's emphasize them, talk about them more! Cryptocurrencies are not meant to be just another speculative asset or form of gold. They are meant to be a tool that can bring us all more freedom.

Our vision - Focused, Global, Activating

We want to help as much as we can. That is why we decided to radically change the concept of ETHBrno. By turning a local conference with limited impact for the Czech/Slovak audience into a global hackathon where every visitor has an active role.

Three words define our vision: Focused, Global, Activating

Why these?

  1. Focused - Each edition will have a central topic(s) whose issues and ideas we can discuss in more depth, rather than just skim the surface. This year it will be Privacy & Security. With a rich tradition of universities and innovation, Brno is the perfect place for that.

  2. Global - We want to connect the local community with the global one. The topics we want to address transcend nation states and their languages. The event will be in English, open to anyone interested in the topic, ensuring a much greater impact.

  3. Activating - We want every visitor to have an active role and we encourage them to do so. Last time it was purely a conference, this year it will be a full-fledged hackathon. Anyone can become a hacker. Don't be a passive bystander, help us move our common visions and dreams forward.

Although we hosted the largest cryptocurrency conference in the Czech Republic for 1200 local people this year (UTXO.22), we are taking ETHBrno² hackathon as a big challenge. This will be our first major hackathon, so we are working closely with ETHPrague ​​​​​​​and other hackathons to deliver the smoothest and most unique experience possible.

This year's topics - Privacy & Security

As hinted in the previous text, this year's theme is Privacy and Security and everything around it. You can find out more in the next section "Manifesto" below.

It's worth noting that this Lunarpunk theme was chosen a few months before the popular REKT video (below) was released and before TornadoGate. It's all playing into our favor, although it might have been better if it wasn't.

We need You

The success of any hackathon depends primarily on you - hackers, mentors, sponsors, volunteers. We cannot compete with big cities like Berlin, Lisbon or Prague. We are aware of this, and therefore we will do everything in our power to make you feel as comfortable and pleasant as possible in a different, novel way. A smaller city brings with it novel advantages ;) So come and experience lunarpunk Brno ❤️

If you want to participate as a hacker, please fill out Hacker application form. We are open!

If you would like to participate as a mentor or interested in being a sponsor, please contact us on our Twitter @ethbrno or on Discord / Matrix.

We look forward to seeing you on November 11th-13th, anon!

Below you can find this year's Manifesto, what to expect during the hackathon, the main venue and external links.

All information is also available in our Documentation, which will serve as the main knowledge-base. We will continuously update it.


We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. And good privacy needs good security foundations. Especially today, in a digital age full of people, organizations or governments that want to control you, your money or your data. Therefore, the second edition of ETHBrno (ETHBrno²) will be mainly dedicated to these important topics ― privacy & security.

Our hackathon is for everyone who understands the urgency of these issues and wants to help. We want to present the current progress in this sector as well as the projects, technologies and people involved. We are Ethereum people, but we welcome creators and fans of all blockchains and directions.

Let's learn together to defend against all threats, whether it's loss of privacy and state oppression, smart-contract exploits or simple phishing scams. Let's learn how to analyse them retrospectively. Let's learn how to use the right tools, and if we don't have them, let's create them together.

Don't Trust. Verify. - Run a node - Protect privacy


Privacy, Security, Self-sovereignty, Non-KYC, Encryption, Peer-to-peer (P2P), Cypherpunk, Lunarpunk, Open-source, Web3, Smart-contracts, Audits, Vulnerabilities, Analytics, Wallets, Scams, Dark Forest, Maximal extractable value (MEV), Zero-knowledge Proofs (zkp)

The Hackathon

Becoming a hacker is the main way you can get a ticket and secure your participation in ETHBrno². We're expecting a few hundreds of hackers, and only dozens of tickets will go on general sale (if any at all).

You don't have to be a smart-contract developer or programmer to participate in our hackathon - you can be a copywriter, economist, graphic designer, community builder, translator... Today's world of cryptocurrencies and Web3 is no longer just a nerd tech thing. We need collaboration across all the professions to move forward.

Our hackathon is open to all open minds who don't want to stand passively by. It is for those who want to put their own hands and heads to work in our collective effort. That doesn't mean you have to sit at your laptop and work all the time. The main thing is to enjoy the event - meet new interesting people and learn something new that will broaden your horizons.

For more informations about Hackathon, visit our Documentation.

What to expect

We will do our best to make your experience as pleasant as possible:

  • 🌱 Pleasant and friendly environment full of enthusiastic people

  • 💬 Dozens of experienced mentors who will be happy to help you with your project

  • 📚 Lots of talks and workshops where you can learn about current trends

  • 🥗 Food and drinks for all participants (for free of course!)

  • ⛺ Meeting rooms, for team private meetings etc. (reservation required)

  • 🔌 Ultra fast internet connection and power sockets everywhere

  • 👕 Swag bag with ETHBrno t-shirt and sponsors' items for each participant

  • 🍸 Various interesting side-events and parties

  • ❓ You can only love or hate Brno, together we will find out why

  • ✨ And much more...

Main venue - Impact Hub Brno

Adress: Cyrilská 7, Brno (Google Maps) Web:

The main venue will be a modern coworking space called Impact Hub, just a few minutes walk from the city centre and the main train station. In less than 7 years of its existence, it has become an important part of Brno's freelancing community, inspiring and connecting many people. Great place for our hackathon, don't you think?

Impact Hub will serve as the main basecamp for the hackathon and will be available for hackers all day 24/7.

You'll have everything you might need - different work areas (single or team, sitting or standing), fast internet, power sockets everywhere, meeting rooms, refreshments and much more. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and we will do everything we can to make that happen.

We are also preparing another venue that is within 3 minutes walk to expand the capacity of the hackathon. This will allow you to choose the place where you feel most comfortable.

Space in front of the main venue
Space in front of the main venue

ETHBrno Proxy*

A sub-conference for a local general audience, which will be held in parallel with ETHBrno² hackathon.

We want to complement the main event with additional lectures, workshops and panel discussions for the general public and newcomers, primarily in the local language (Czech/Slovak). The topics to be presented should be in line with our manifesto.

Anyone with an ETHBrno wristband will have free entry (reservation required), others will be able to purchase a ticket.

*Final name TBD

Links - Follow us!

So, what about you, anon?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?
Let us know what you think on twitter, discord or matrix.

Want to know more?
All information about ETHBrno can be found in our documentation.

Do you want to come and hack?
We are happy to hear that! Please fill out Hacker application form.

If you would like to participate as a mentor or interested in being a sponsor, please contact us on our Twitter @ethbrno or on Discord / Matrix.

We look forward to seeing you in Brno! 🙏❤️

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