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What did you do before getting into web3?

Before getting into web3, I worked as a full-stack developer for over 10 years. I built web apps and backend services for large corporations. Standard web2 stuff.

What were the first things you did in web3?

One of the first things I did in web3 was work on a limit order app at the beginning of 2021. A good friend of mine, who was already in web3, introduced me to the team he was working with as they were looking for devs to help. The app was a good learning experience for me as the work was full-stack, so I got a lot of exposure to new concepts and tools. It also showed me how much I needed to learn and how deep the web3 rabbit hole went.

When and how did you start to think about quitting your web2 job?

I had lost interest in the work I was doing & working in a corporate environment, so I was already thinking about quitting. What really pushed me to leave was the book Mastering Ethereum. The book did an excellent job of explaining fundamental concepts and chapter 1 actually got me excited about software development again. After reading it, I felt obliged to get skilled and join the devs that were building on Ethereum. I couldn’t even imagine staying in my web2 job any longer.

How did you hear about EthernautDAO?

I saw the tweet from Ale calling for experienced devs looking to make the jump. I DM’d him straight away then he sent me the link to join the discord shortly after.

Have you applied for a mentorship? How did it feel?

After joining the discord, I applied for two mentorships and got picked for one. I honestly didn’t think I would’ve been chosen as I didn’t have much experience, and so many other devs were applying.

Did you work and get mentored at the same time?

I was still working full-time when the mentorship started. I spent my days working my web2 job and my evenings doing the work for the mentorship whilst studying. It was definitely challenging, but I was motivated to leave my web2 job and transition to web3 development. This really gave me the energy to persist.

If you have transitioned to web3 full time, how different is it from your previous career?

Working in web3 is entirely different from my previous career. A significant difference I’ve seen is the enthusiasm for what we’re building. Most of the people I work with now are genuinely interested in what we’re building and the team’s overall vision. This makes a huge difference in the team morale and the quality of work produced. I rarely felt this with teams I had worked with before.

What made you decide to become a mentor?

I feel like I learned a lot from the resources and other devs in the EthernautDAO, so I became a mentor because I wanted to give something back. There are a lot of good experienced web2 developers there looking for mentorship and guidance on their journey into web3, but nowhere near enough mentors available to help them. I was in this position recently, so I know what it was like. I’m not an OG, but I have learned enough to support and guide other devs starting their journey.

What advice would you give to web3-curious devs?

First, join the EthernautDAO. It’s an excellent gateway to web3 development. You’ll find valuable resources and helpful people who can assist you on your journey. Second, never stop learning. One of the most important things a developer can do is build a continuous learning mindset. This is even more important in web3 development with the constant innovations and relentless hacks. Figure out the path you want to go down, then identify what you need to learn for the journey and try to create yourself a study guide. Third, ABC (always be coding). The more code you write, the better you’ll get at it (hopefully 😅). Get familiar with the language and libraries you’ll use by regularly practicing. Get comfortable reading code, check out the repositories of your favorite projects and see how they work under the hood.

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