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It's been some fun and hectic for the Ethereum Honduras Community for the past three months! We're getting a cool facelift, some fun get-togethers, new projects, the merge, & prepping for Devcon. All in all, it's great to see the community grow in numbers and depth in the Ethereum world. Here is a brief overview of what we have been up to.


We got the inspiration from our grandparents, the Mayans, their first currency and highest commodity was the cacao bean. Mayans loved cacao so much that they used it as currency and made it a beautiful symbol. We brought it to our Ethereum world and came up with the Ethereum Honduras new logo.

Ethereum Honduras Logo
Ethereum Honduras Logo

Ethereum Honduras Programs

While we have done these activities for a while, we wanted to formalize them by giving them a name, and brand to include in our annual roadmap. These programs use the main Ethereum Honduras logo as they are aiming to benefit the community in all of Honduras.

Ethereum Honduras Grants: This program is focused on funding Ethereum projects in Honduras. With the current focus on Public Goods, Open Source, and Education. Our CLR Grants rounds and Request for Projects are part of this.

Ethereum Honduras Discover: We know for sure that the best way to learn about Ethereum and its community it’s by experiencing it firsthand. This program focus on helping Hondurans with scholarships so they can be part of global Ethereum Events. Scholarships include accommodations, tickets to the event, and plane tickets among others.

Grants and Discover Programs logo
Grants and Discover Programs logo

Honduras Sub Communities

We wanted to empower communities in each city, so based on the main logo we created a blueprint that communities in Honduras can tweak and make their own, this was done by grabbing the upper part of the Ethereum Honduras Diamond and changing the name, print, and colors, that way each city can add their own essence while keeping united to the whole Honduras brand.

Proof of concept of some community logos, not a final logo for any city
Proof of concept of some community logos, not a final logo for any city

The Merge

The merge was a big event for the Ethereum community (and humanity in general), so much so that it deserves its section. We organized multiple activities regarding the Merge for the Honduras community and participated in several international events.

The merge is Coming Virtual Meetup

Virtual meetup with Joxes from DeFi Latam and L2 en Español as a guest, he explained to the community everything related to the merge.
Virtual meetup with Joxes from DeFi Latam and L2 en Español as a guest, he explained to the community everything related to the merge.

Virtual meetup with Joxes from DeFi Latam and L2 en Español as a guest, he explained to the community everything related to the merge.

¡The Merge se Aproxima!

We wrote a short and sweet article so non-technical people could understand the merge, updates, roadmap, and myths, to get ready to celebrate with the global community.

The Merge Party

This was a celebration that we put together to enjoy the merge. We played some trivia games using Kahoot with questions regarding the Merge and Ethereum, we had panda cupcakes and decorations, ate some delicious baleadas (Honduras local food), and even had a connection with the ETH LATAM stream. We also encouraged people that couldn’t join us to go to the ETH Latam stream and play at the POAP painting party.

ETH Latam: The Merge Stream in Spanish

After our Merge celebration, we went running to connect to the ETH Latam stream to see the merge happen live. @Crisgarner explained some technical details about how the merge would happen, why we needed to wait 14 mins (for finalization), and kind of narrated what was happening at the moment.

Road To Devcon

Another big event for the global Ethereum community that Hondurans couldn't miss. We focused on bringing as many Hondurans as possible to Devcon while connecting Hondurans from all over the world that was attending the event.

Discover Program

We formally launched the Discover program focusing on Bogota, on last Devcon there were only 3 Hondurans present at the event, For 2022 we wanted to increase that number, and so far there are at least 30 Hondurans confirmed to attend Devcon.

The community has come together and there's been a lot of behind-the-scenes work to achieve this, so here is a recap of the prep work:

  • We awarded 19 scholarships, which included Devcon tickets, hosting, and/or plane Tickets.

  • We provided Devcon tickets to collaborators to ensure that our most committed team members get a chance to represent.

  • 1 Hacker House for the Honduran community in collaboration with Rosalila.

  • Information briefs, swag, and other cool stuff are being prepared to make sure we make a lasting impression and hopefully set up new collaborations.

CLR Grants for Devcon

We are proud to provide support and help the CLR Round organized at Devcon by Ethereum Colombia to support LatAm projects.


We are experimenting with new formats for our meetups, some Saturday mornings for a nice coffee and others at night to enjoy a beer or some online company.  Having a chance to receive newbies and keep the community engaged.

JPGs Con Valor

In this meetup we taught all the basics about NFTs, we organized this event in Tegucigalpa and a few weeks later we traveled to San Pedro Sula to have it over there. It was cool seeing the Honduran NFTs hit the scene.

How to protect your crypto assets

This was the first meetup we organized with the new format, “Coffee Talks”, the idea is to write an article in English and Spanish, share it with the community, and then have a brunch with coffee where attendees can hear a fireside chat and ask questions about the article. Got a chance to mix it up with first-timers and oldies from the community.

Virtual Meetups

While it’s important to develop a sense of local community, we understand that some topics are really important for the whole community in the country, there is no better way to do it than by organizing a virtual meetup. All our virtual meetups are recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

Community Updates Meetup

We organized this meetup to share with the community our upcoming activities, and our Devcon Strategy and to announce our new brand.

Global Community Cooperation

We destined some workforce to help other communities thrive, most activities we focused on helping with marketing and education. Some of the activities we did:

  • Speakers at multiple spaces organized by ETH Latam and Costa Rica.

  • Sharing content from Web3Beach and ETH Latam.

  • Organizing the first Ethereum SPS Meetup.

ETH Latam Academy: Creando mi primera wallet

We love the Eth Latam community and being able to collaborate with them is just icing on the cake. @lucyaguilarh presented the third online class about the types of wallets and how to create your first one. A beginner’s class with fun online games to get the newbies hooked.

Parting Thoughts

Since 2018 we have been working to grow and encourage the Ethereum Honduras community, this year, with renewed ideas and energy post-pandemic we decided to focus our efforts on reorganizing and relaunching our community with:

  • New branding.

  • New collaborators in the team, to develop community projects, events, social media, handy tools, & just everyday stuff.

  • Working on a new web page -

  • New social media, with a new Instagram and Youtube channel.

  • Organizing the community's daily to-do's and doing a little more follow-up on everything.

  • Planning a year roadmap with some heavy focus on 2023, which includes some social impact project proposals.

Subscribe and share to help us reaching out more people, if you want to contact us feel free to send us a message on Twitter @EthereumHN .

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