Ever is a Play-to-Earn farming game with digital assets.

You will be able to:

  • Join a community of gaming enthusiasts and creators
  • Build your farm, trade goods, and earn $EVER tokens in a global marketplace

You will be able create, share and earn assets that have tangible monetary value. You can opt to play the game alone, or with friends. Items and resources in the game are digital assets.

Transparency From Day 1

Ever will be built in public: we will release an early version of the game, and develop based on your feedback. The community will play a large role in shaping the world, direction, and overall experience of Ever. You will be rewarded with in game assets for your contributions

Initial Character Sale

We have been whitelisting early community members through challenges hosted on Twitter and Discord. Being on the whitelist provides access to Genesis, an NFT sale of our in game characters. These NFTs are unique character portraits, load a unique character model into the game, and have special properties that impact gameplay. You can play the game without one of these NFTs, as there is a default character model.


We will be publishing a series of content pieces to our community elaborating on the technology and mechanics behind Ever.

Content Schedule:

  • zkSNARKs/anti-cheat
  • NFTs in Ever (items, crops, pets, characters & more)
  • DeFi (including finance and payments) in the Ever ecosystem
  • The Ever social feed
  • Governance model of the Ever ecosystem
  • The tokenomics of $EVER

By the end of 2022, we are aiming for a main-net launch of Ever and $EVER. In the meantime, we will launch the game on test-net and, as previously mentioned, build in the open. Whilst doing so, we will listen to your voice, aiming to build Ever with and for you.

Our mission is to build a decentralized ecosystem for you and your community members to create, share, trade, and importantly - have fun doing so. We invite you to join us on building Ever.

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