Crystal Dragon - Spells of Genesis


This page is designed to be understandable centuries after its publication. This page is intended to permanently describe the story of this ORB or commonly called NFT. We use the word ORB as Ownership Recorded on Blockchain. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, Non-Fungible Token describes a way to encode data on the blockchain but it can change in the future, it could be wrapped into fungible tokens, fractionalized, or a new way in the future. With the word ORB, we want to describe the intention to give provable ownership of a certain asset by writing it on a ledger “blockchain”.


Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragon

Crystal Dragon

Asleep for centuries, the Crystal Dragon is the terrible guardian of a fabulous treasure of BitCrystals.

It’s another BitCrystals card. « BitCrystals (BCY) is the official currency of Crystal Suite. They are distributed for users’ engagement in the Crystal Suite products, but also in partners’ games. »

Supply: 300

Tokenization date: 2015-11-16 13:51:14 GMT

Native Blockchain: Bitcoin

Protocol: Counterparty

Transaction Hash: 2e9906ac9c63f59c9df9bee4827ce1fb8a0ec2750bf8f802c0df45924e9e6f73

Contract - Token: BCYDRAGON

Secondary Blockchain

Blockchain: Ethereum

Ethereum Contract: 0x9227a3d959654c8004fa77dffc380ec40880fff6

Wrapper Blockchain

Blockchain: Klaytn

Klaytn Contract: 0xd346d304ea1837053452357c2066a4701de9a04b

Card Image

IPFS : bafkreiahgunxpb5dtg7x3k5nmevijy2gvxpbapl76b6ield5pbhdlq3zai

Arweave: 6lP1PBM6ZdRao3emLERbtpJEBNeSX-o17gFXYIyOFOI

HTTP Gateway :


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