Sub-Thread Weekly: #14
April 4th, 2022

From text to textiles, from stores to stories— every week we take a confidential behind the scenes look chronicling diverse experiences and accounts of some of the most pivotal, impactful and transformative narratives that make up the real fabric of fashion.

These entries are included as material in the Web3 Fashion Manifesto and also open sourced under CC0 to the Meta Source Vaults.

How can you reach escape velocity?

To overcome the horseless carriage problem is one thing. But, to be durable, portable and visible enough as to carve out space and time is another.

We are toolmaking, problem solving animals and social sensory creatures. Not just another product of the Prussian militant regimentation model.

It’s frequently confusing, but what else can we do?

Consume it, produce it, eat it and be with it.

When you’re not making art, what are you thinking about?


“Why is that?”

“It’s a promise. A promise of perpetual transformation and mutation, an endless self creating storm through symbols.

Textiles is a human universal.

19th Century cotton relied on middlemen.

“A middleman… what kind of job is that?”

“To bridge the world’s of today with that of tomorrow. A coordinated economic and social bridge.”

“It’s really quite simple. Take that ‘trusted’ third party you rely on to do something, anything at all. Now replace them with code and math.

Combine cryptography with economics to fit all of the pieces of the puzzle and form a coherent system that breeds life. To form a tapestry woven from countless brilliant threads. A totally human story.”

<How do you construct a loom that can weave complex patterns? How do you finance a crop of silk worms? How do you record weaving patterns for mass scaling and distribution? What do you do when the law forbids the cloth that you want to make or use? />

From peaceful trade to brutal wars.

Our banking operations are built on textiles.

It’s known and unknown from every part of the globe— an evermore salient decentralised heritage.

Something like that, something that is usually an uncomfortable feeling, instead feeling like something of a time fall pinch.

Any value brought in from sales of NFTs minted through this article will be used for building out the F₃M Realm treasury, which will eventually be governed and coordinated by the DAO, furthering to decentralise the web3 fashion capital stack.

F₃Manifesto (F₃M) is a rally flag for the entire web3 fashion movement. It’s a label and realm that is built for so much than just the digital and physical threads and collections that it will spin up and release.

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