Letters to a Young VC: Letter Ten
February 26th, 2022

A collection of letters encompassing simple insights and recognition of foundational shifts that any bright minds trapped within the old norms of a VC mindset can use to break free, whether they are just starting their journey or reflecting back on what they wish someone had told them in their early days.

Why do VCs do VC?

Get bags, have fun, be savvy.

So, why does being a gardener of CC0 ecosystems give VCs a better path out of VC?

Better bags, more fun, more savvy.

CC0 makes the need to hunt deal flow obsolete by attracting continuous “deals” which are really wealth amplifiers. It does this by bringing transparency to highly dynamic and malleable network effect generators from local to global scale.

To an even greater extent, the way cc0 makes available ever expanding open libraries, of available creative sources and materials that drive the value and utility of creative works, and of derivatives made from them radically increases the total capitalisable market for the savviest of financiers turned gardeners.

Moving from a casino of guesswork risks, where only the most successful see major gains from a handful of their total bets, to a more skills based game of seeding and gardening a continuous distribution of chances for growth.

It’s not playing the slots. It’s starting with the skills developed from serious poker play and growing into real economic development.

Let’s take a closer look at the incentives to see where the opportunities really are:

  • Streamlined low friction high engagement interactive environments for greater economic activity.
  • Open sources of content and derivatives.
  • Index and aggregators of cc0 sources, assemblies, and derivatives contained within web3 authentic NFTs and other token varieties.

Each of these deserve in depth attention within themselves. And what they deserve will be delivered in upcoming letters.

Any value brought in from sales of NFTs minted through this article will be used for building out the F₃M Realm treasury, which will eventually be governed and coordinated by the DAO, furthering to decentralise the web3 fashion capital stack.

F₃Manifesto (F₃M) is a rally flag for the entire web3 fashion movement. It’s a label and realm that is built for so much than just the digital and physical threads and collections that it will spin up and release.

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