We are making high gas fees disappear.

Ever since we entered the NFT space, we identified terrible minting experiences as one of the biggest pain points for NFT Collectors. We’re here to solve that.

As it stands today, it is virtually impossible for a new user in the space to fairly participate in a popular mint. There are 2 ways to win: (1) plenty of liquidity to use on gas, or (2) to be a smart contract wizard.

The current amount of friction to mint for a new user makes mainstream adoption of NFTs unfeasible - it's just too complicated. So what are we building to fix it? We believe that Collectors shouldn't have to compete with scripts. Our models look at on and off-chain data to assess whether a minter is a bot or not. If you're botting and the mint's busy, you're out.

All Collections deployed on Fair.xyz are built to avoid high gas fees and failed transactions through a combination of optimized contracts and a smart queueing systems for live mints. Lower gas fees with no sudden spikes, and no disappointment when sending a minting transaction. We're deploying these features and many more across ALL COLLECTIONS launching with Fair.xyz, no matter the size or popularity.

Creator access to the platform will be open to everyone, with no application process. We believe accessibility to Web3 and NFTs should be open to all.

More: Our beta is launching very soon - sign up today at Fair.xyz

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