It’s about time. Introducing
March 25th, 2022

Following the explosion of any new technology, the time always comes where infrastructure begins to lag demand. Gas wars, failed transactions, vulnerable contracts, malicious actors, scams and rug pulls - in the past year, the Web3 space has seen it all. But we’ve also had great victories: NFTs have shown the world the power of community, and the importance of the voice of the many and the one.

We’re here to bring infrastructure up to speed, for everyone. At, we are creating a new NFT launch experience for both collectors and creators; fairly, gas war-free, and on-chain. We level the level playing field by providing technical end-to-end tools, completely code-free. was founded by a group of engineers from Meta, Instagram, and Goldman Sachs, leveraging our industry experience to build the best consumer products in Web3. We understand the pain points for Creators and Collectors in the NFT space and are going to solve them.

Creators - it’s time to own your Collections

With, you can go through every step of the NFT collection journey, from website to contract deployment, completely code-free, at low gas (transaction) costs, and with best-in-class infrastructure - across Ethereum and Polygon.

  • Design your collection website and smart contract with the Creator UI
  • Preview and publish your collection page, with anti gas-war minting enabled
  • Gas-free, seamless whitelisting - manage pre-sale access to your collection for your local community straight from the Creator UI
  • Upload collections of any size - we support anything from large generative collections to bespoke 1-of-1 collections. If you have your artwork ready, you can upload it straight into the UI, and, optionally, add metadata files! If you have layers ready for a generative collection, we have something special for you - introducing, the Generative Collection UI
  • Decentralise the metadata of your collection - in 1-click
  • Deploy and manage your smart contract at the lowest gas costs straight from the Creator UI - anything from airdrops to collection parameters (price, sale time etc.)

Collectors — it’s time to redefine the minting experience

We know the pain of trying to mint a hot collection, and we’re here to fix it.

  • We optimise our smart contracts for the best and most efficient minting experience: batch minting is enabled across all of smart contracts
  • Gas wars? Never heard of those: every collection dropping on has in-built anti-gas war tech to ensure the smoothest minting experience
  • We bring fairness to drops: everyone gets an equal shot at minting the most popular collections
  • Your tokens are safe: all metadata on collections is decentralised and immutable
  • Discoverability for minting, with data-driven feeds, so you don’t have to trail your timeline again for upcoming NFT mints

We’re excited to be launching very soon, we’ll keep you posted on our Twitter — make sure to give us a follow!

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