Introducing the first-ever government-backed NFT - Ukraine +

Looking back at the developments and horror that took the world by surprise last month, the importance of transparency and information has become obvious. Censorship, misinformation and miscommunication lie at the heart of every media-driven campaign, with real impact on the life of civilians suffering the consequences of the day-to-day under armed conflict. It is our belief that the blockchain can change that - introducing Meta History.

Writing Meta History

Meta History ( is a purpose-driven NFT collection with two main goals: the collection of donations to support Ukraine, and the forever preservation of timestamped events depicting the reality of the Ukrainian population today.

We lean on the permanence, transparency and accessibility of the blockchain to ensure the memories of the past month are never erased from history, and remain immutable, decentralised and unaltered with the passing of time. We do not know how or when the conflict will end, but one thing is clear: ‘History will be written by the victors’ no longer holds in Web3. History will be written by the people.

Each NFT establishes a timestamped moment of the conflict, depicted through powerful artwork by Ukrainian artists and creators with the specific purpose of immortalising this tragic episode in world history.

The drop

All proceeds from the sale of Meta History art pieces will be deposited directly into the Ukraine gov’t ETH wallet (0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14). This is hard-coded into the smart contract (to be published soon).

When designing the drop architecture for this collection, the core questions at hand have been: “What is the fairest possible way to do this?”, and also “How do we fend against cyberattacks during such a significant moment?”.

We have built scalable infrastructure, both on the blockchain side and off-chain, deploying anti-gas war and anti-bot technology and that will allow for low transaction costs for buyers whilst ensuring equality and fairness in the minting distribution. Creating the fairest experience is of paramount importance at, even more so in a collection of this significance. Everyone will get an equal chance to participate.


Following the explosion of any new technology, the time always comes where infrastructure begins to lag demand. Gas wars, failed transactions, vulnerable contracts, malicious actors, scams and rug pulls - in the past year, the Web3 space has seen it all. But we’ve also had great victories: NFTs have shown the world the power of community, and the importance of the voice of the many and the one.

We’re here to bring infrastructure up to speed, for everyone. At, we are creating a new NFT launch experience for both collectors and creators; fairly, gas war-free, and on-chain. We level the level playing field by providing technical end-to-end tools, completely code-free, empowering the end-user irrespective of technical knowledge or circumstances.

The sale of Meta History will go live at on Wednesday.

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