Falktron - Who we are

We are a multi-talented, dynamic team of agile experts, technologists, designers and innovators from all walks of life so we can provide you with the best service. We are committed to hiring professionals from every industry so you can continue to grow with us.

Marlon Weinekötter

Co-Founder & CEO

Marlon is our young managing director who has several years of experience in software testing. His work was mainly concerned with mobile app development and the testing required for it.

Already in his youth Marlon was interested in digital art, so he started to work with Blender or Adobe Photoshop when he was 14 years old. Due to his knowledge of modern tools, he was always in high demand and was involved in various projects where he had already worked and knew that he could do a good job.


2 years of experience in software testing at Miele

Sebastian Schweppe

Agile Coach & Innovation Development

Sebastian is our most experienced employee and senior. With his long experience in different areas of high technology, high performance technologies and decentralization, he is ideally suited for the position of Innovation Development and Innovation Lead.

Sebastian gained early experience with decentralized systems and blockchains, which led to his passion and focus on these systems. He has been able to apply his knowledge of decentralized systems in a number of industries, recently working on a supply chain management system.


Development of a metaverse for the semiconductor industry

Matthias Mut

Co-Founder & Product Owner Algorithms

Matthias is an agile coach and product owner in high technology, with a focus on algorithms and high performance computing.

He gained his experience in development for mobile apps and in the agile environment of algorithm development for complex machines at scientific limits.

A blending of algorithms with a blockchain are seen as a major goal. A concept for the development of a blockchain ecosystem for the semiconductor industry has been developed and will be published shortly.


Establishment of a community of practice in the field of algorithms at ZEISS Semiconductor

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