Including feedback and interaction from day 1 (1/x)

In the last weeks, we have received a lot of feedback for our first project from you. We want to thank you and celebrate all the engagements and conversations. We have summarized our most important learnings in the following articles and want to give you better insights into our plans and the reason behind them.

It’s worth mentioning that we should have included you in the early stages of our startup journey earlier. With our founding and the first customer projects, we unfortunately did not manage to do this.

If it is possible for an entrepreneur or company to spend this amount of time and seriously engage with the people, it will gain many important experiences and impressions that will determine the future.

There is no greater learning experience than being actively — though mindfully and tactfully — involved in the conversation around you. We hope during this time together that we can create a safe and open environment for discussing challenges that we face because it will help us both grow.
Nothing is more important than to be understood. A shared understanding and sense of each other will help both.

We will now work through the ideas that you have given us. We have already started with a small session, which should help you to better understand our thoughts.

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