End of Falktron Crowdfund - We are celebrating YOU!

Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. We have put a lot of heart and soul into the project, but this had not been achieved as planned. Realizing that we had to tackle many points that we had not seen before.

That's not bad, since we know where we stand. We want to adapt. It is success or feedback, and we live by that. We saw a lot of wonderful things in that time that we could not have imagined before. Celebrating and starting phase 2 with you.

We want to appreciate all the members of the Falktron community and all our supporters. Not selling any NFT? The heck, it doesn’t matter. 
We got a ton of feedback and were able to get a lot of experience working with that blockchain technologies! You could have just not cared about the project and ignored us, but no you took the time to discuss with us and let us mature. You saw part of the idea and wanted to see it grow even further.

Many teams can produce NFT artwork. Many can even sell their collections in full. But we were interested in developing a long-term vision that would play its part in creating a more sustainable future. Of course, we continue to pursue this goal and see the start as a creative achievement that we want to improve for and with you.

Building a community had not yet happened when this project started. This was clear to us. It is a very complex idea and many people are not even aware of the circumstances and problems. At this point, we want to step in and explain the opportunities and risks to you and work out solutions together.

We did not go into the NFT sale on mirror.xyz with the greatest selling expectations. We thought that some comrades-in-arms who understand us might go along with the idea of decentralized hardware power and join us. Jointly refining an idea and vision. But the fact that we received such a large amount of feedback without selling surprised even us. 

In the future, we will focus more on you friends so that you are the center of our attention. You influence us best and we look forward to it.

Thank you!

There are many points that we now want to do differently in phase 2.

The complexity of the topic is extremely high. We want to educate so that technical development and Web3 are real user-driven and the strengths are more balanced. The focus is on you. The system and developments are to serve you my friends and we will therefore involve you where we can.

In addition, we want to focus more, because we had, or currently still have, too wide a range. There was an abundance of tasks, which tied up a lot of time and caused us, like you, to run into problems from time to time. Focusing will speed up our work and create more value for you guys. We are happy about it. This way we will manage to get into even better discussions with you.

Unfortunately, bad things happen in the world in parallel. Due to the terrible war in Ukraine, many circumstances have also changed parts of the idea of decentralized computing power in Europe. It influences our project.

Energy costs are rising extremely as infrastructure has been curtailed and Russia will no longer play a role as an energy supplier for most countries in the EU. We think this is absolutely right and important! Even if it affects our project of course.

Due to the high energy costs in the whole EU, running an energy-intensive business idea is disadvantageous. We live in this area and have built our network here, will have to adapt to counteract this difficulty. We really don’t know yet what impact this will have in the end.

Of course, we will not discard our idea, we will adapt it with the help of your feedback and our experience and launch an improved phase 2.

We will keep you informed about all updates on our website/roadmap.
Hoping to meet your expectations. It would be our pleasure.

We are celebrating you. Thanks for believing in us!

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