Web3 and Erotic, I'm for both.

This revolution of relations of production initiated by Web3 affects us all, people dive into Blockchain with their entire life day and night. Is it truely the best option when everything transformed into encrypted digits? I don't have a affirmative answer for that.

Incoming issues

We focus on time, but when is the last time we enjoy the sunrise and sundown peacefully?

We promote value, but when you can't gain a better profit on price will you still believe the value you're talking about?

We pursuit happiness, but is our emotion tightly connected with numbers of gaining? Or is this connection even right?

We're concerned about health, but could the messed-up schedule、abandonment of sports or even inappropriate sport really doing any good to our health?

And the relationships we always emphasize, does an anonymous stranger even better than our closed ones?

OpenSea WEB3 EROTIC #0001
OpenSea WEB3 EROTIC #0001

We left out our friends and push away our loved ones, or even so "occupied" to seek a friend with benifits. I hardly believe those are necessarily to quit or give up. Without a life, what is the purpose of revolution?

OpenSea WEB3 EROTIC #0007
OpenSea WEB3 EROTIC #0007

I'm here for both, especially sex life.

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