NFD Interviews: Jeff McCurry

This past week, I got to sit down and have a conversation with Jeff McCurry - Harambe’s official photographer! What a trip. He shared a lot about his personal journey as a photographer, and some stories about Harambe as well.

Jeff McCurry
Jeff McCurry

It’s always fascinating getting to hear a first hand account of how somebody found themselves doing what they do. Between his time spent photographing sports and nature, Jeff appears to have lived quite a bit. As it turns out, his recurring statement, “Crazy stuff finds me,” is an understatement.

A few of my biggest takeaways from our conversation are that Jeff cares deeply about nature, that he has a great respect for life, and that he is a great example of the life-changing power of crypto. We didn’t really even talk about decentralization, and yet the positive impact it can have on people’s lives is apparent in the story of what happened after Path bought the first Harambe NFT.

Some of his experiences with Harambe tell a story about a very intelligent gorilla, and highlight why his death was such a tragedy. In my opinion, the narrative also shows just how much the virality of the meme is relevant. The power of memes is undeniable, and the amplified weight of Harambe’s circumstances makes it that much more valuable.

I hope you enjoy Jeff’s super fun attitude and stories as much as I did, and also that you stick around for some pretty cool alpha. That’s right, there are some pretty cool things happening, but I will let you discover that for yourself.


In addition to everything Jeff touches on, NFD would like to let you know that he, NFD, and Foundation have been working on something special - a massive Harambe drop, with thousands of new photos of Harambe. Wen new drop you say? Very soon! Stay tuned.

You can find the original Harambe NFTs here.

And now, here’s the conversation we had. Hope you enjoy it!

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