APR 24' Update - It's Time to COOK!

Since our last update, we have decided on and started implementing our LATAM market strategy. The FFDS team has been hard at work paving the road to finally step on the gas and go full throttle.

Entering the market & increasing visibility🌎🆕

Our social media profiles are complete and tailored for the algorithm and we have populated them with high-quality content. Now it's time to enter the market with a bang and work on increasing our reach and visibility. By strengthening our network, relationships, and contact lists, we will achieve just that.


A couple collabs are in the works as you read this! The first, has been creatively explored and is ready to animate. Did we mention its with a pretty viral influencer?👀

We haven't forgotten our roots though, our second confirmed collab is with an IP-based creator that also makes incredible memes & animations, exactly what we specialize in! So far, the plan is to join forces, each with our own unique style, and create an animation that expresses & celebrates our identity & creativity.


Sometimes, hidden gems just need a bit of light to reveal their brilliance. That's why we have created the first of a series of completely original promo pieces that can be proudly pushed to feeds all over the region. With our irresistible looks & charm, fomoduck will capture the hearts of each and every one of its viewers 🤭

Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when a wild fomoduck will pop into your feed and suddenly shout: "HEY YOU! YES, YOU!..."🫵

More, more & more content! 🆙

We love memes and always will but part of what adds the fomo to our ducks is just how cute & degen we really are. Are you ready to go from 0 to 100 real quick? We got you. Original content is locked and loaded. 👇

People vibe with the cheeks🍑

Our animations are getting spicy and before you utter any anti-cheek propaganda, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! Yes, that's right, we took it to the polls and swept the charts with an overwhelming victory! Thy has requested the cheeks and the cheeks shall be provideth 🙌

Latest cheeks just 4 u 👇


The latest breaking news, trends, launches & web3 drama, coming soon to a screen near you. That way, next time a stable coin loses its peg and wipes 50 billion from the market, you will be the first to know! *laughs in savage

No, but really, knowledge is power. Hopefully, Reporter Duck will do its job and keep you updated on useful & relevant Web3/Market trends.

Real-time overlay 📸

As respectable tech snobs, the team has developed an AI overlay that animates mouth movement and incorporates custom gestures. If all goes well, future versions of this tech will include full body & hand gesture tracking.

The possibilities are endless. From a new way of animating and producing content, to live streaming and interacting with the squad, our new overlay is a wonderful tool & necessary addition to our repertoire.

Voice & Sound 🔊

Did you hear that? That's right, fomoduck is your new anime girl step-sister. Not up your alley? No worries, if it makes a sound, fomoduck can mimic it. With the wonderful world of AI voice models, we can now give our content that special touch 🤌

For anything Sound & SFX-related, we have Hen. Hen is the brilliant sound engineer behind our critically acclaimed spank SFX & overall original audios.

Doxxing is not cool, however, here is a picture of V from BTS so you can add a face to our SFX genius.
*Hen is a comparably handsome Asian man so this definitely works.

In short, with sick overlay tech, AI voice models, Hen's genius, & our up and coming fomocheek™ bonanza, The Squad has successfully gathered all the infinity stones and is one step closer to taking over the universe 👊

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