FFDS Monthly Update - November '23

Thankful for our duck fam! 🫂

With a steadfast focus and commitment to long-term value creation, the Highstreet team has stood resilient and built fiercely through the bear, while strategically adapting to the evolving market landscape.

That's translated into centering on product development, technical improvements, and building a solid foundation to enhance the magical user experience inside the world of Highstreet 🗺️

Monster Hunt Showdown 👻📸

  • To celebrate the human’s curious holiday, ducks turned a bit kooky and decorated the Campus to reflect Halloween in spooky fashion 🎃

  • The world turned eerie and alive with duck zombies shuffling around and groaning as they chased each other, and people! 🧟‍♂️

  • Residents went on a speed hunt to find monsters hidden in plain sight for cash and FOMO Duck swag. Big congrats to our community winners! 🍭

Polkastarter Recap 🕹️🔮

  • Some of our OG Highstreet community members may remember our Polkastarter $HIGH IDO and how far we’ve come since then. Listing on tier one exchanges Binance and Coinbase, growing to 80+ team members, amassing 116K+ followers on X, landing various new partnerships, and launching the early version of our metaverse experience online.

  • What's in store for the future of Highstreet? Refining existing experiences, developing a VR MMORPG "worthy of Ready Player One" 👀, and an alpha version for the Meta Quest platform 🧑‍🔬

  • With the bulk of the Highstreet tech team's efforts going into developing the foundation for the highly-anticipated MMORPG, there’s something special looming over the horizon for 2024. In the (very) short term, the leaves are falling on the Highstreet Campus, as it will soon begin its transformation into a winter wonderland ☃️❄️

“Our journey to date has been nothing short of incredible, from a team of 5 building a web3 marketplace using DeFi’s bonding curve technology to a studio of 80+ people dedicated to building the VR MMO dream; we are especially optimistic about 2024 as we bring the game to life with an assortment of technologies built along the way. We expect our Gaming focused Wallet with VR native support to not only help bridge the gap between traditional and web3 gamers but also help many nascent web3 projects kickstart their user base. Our GPT 4 powered Smart NPC system is another piece of the puzzle we’re excited to launch with the game, we believe that by empowering all our in-game characters with intelligence the metaverse will no longer be seen as a lonely and desolate place for adults.” - Travis Wu, CEO of Highstreet

Stickers on Stickers! 📲

Enjoy our new mega Highstreet @FOMODUCK Sticker Pack for telegram by our amazing artists and join the community! 🚀

Don’t forget about our previously released animated FOMOJI pack too 🤩

Stay in the loop and be the first to get the coming holiday season's fresh announcements!

*Season's Greetings *🐤🎄

Sneak Peek of the Month 🔬

FFDS Collection Monthly Stats (November 30, 2023)
Floor Price: 0.0378 ETH
Volume: 2.42 ETH
Unique Owners: 2,827 (36%) 
Listed: 1% 👀
  • Another month, another sweep 🧹

  • If you’re new here, catch up on previous updates where we started sweeping back ducks into our treasury for contests, giveaways, and vault-ing 🔒

  • Stay tuned 🔔 for upcoming opportunities!

  • ffdsdao.eth swept 3 ducks on November 1, 2023

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