FFDS Monthly Update - October '23

Happy FOMO-ween Squad! 🎃

In an attempt to celebrate the human holiday, some ducks have dressed up and decorated the Campus to reflect Halloween in spooky fashion 👻🌚

But it seems some ducklings ate too much sugar while going “trick-or-treating”, and things have gone a little kooky! 🍭

The Night of the Living Quack 🧟‍♂️🩻

Without warning, the Campus turns eerie and suddenly full of FOMO Duckozombies shuffling around and groaning as they bite people!

The mastermind behind this is George A. Duckero, an eccentric and imaginative artist, who sought to host an unforgettable Halloween party for humans. Fueled by an unrelenting passion for horror and sleepless nights with copious black coffee, he obsessively pursued festive perfection. George's singular focus on this event has brought him to the brink, but his only desire is for everyone to enjoy the party, anxiously awaiting its outcome…

  • Seven Ducks, not in costume, are hiding around campus because they don’t realize the zombie-ducks are fake and they’re scared of them! Others gather around a campfire to tell first-hand ghost stories 🔥🪵

  • Highstreet Residents explore the scene and partake in a Monster Hunt on Campus 🕯️ to earn cash prizes and exclusive duck goodie bags 👀

  • Treats came early for @fomoduck followers, 3 participants in our Halloween Giveaway received Forever FOMO Duck Squad NFTs, and Best Caption won a Pet Drake! 🐉

Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree in Highstreet 🎃
Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree in Highstreet 🎃
Pet Drake with her adorable costume 😍☠
Pet Drake with her adorable costume 😍☠

Forbidden Talon Temple ⛩️

  • Highstreet and Talon Esports team up to launch a cutting-edge experience in the Metaverse, merging virtual shopping with gaming 🎮

  • Explore the Forbidden Talon Temple on Campus featuring Team Talon’s accomplishments, and an innovative try-on experience with their first exclusive phygital merchandise sold in-game (settled using $HIGH tokens)

  • Those who purchased the special collaborative hoodie at the Temple before Oct 27, 5 a.m. UTC, will receive an exclusive TALON Title on their nameplate, and all players wearing the hoodie will have wings attached to their avatars 🦅

Other Highstreet News 🗞️

  • Highstreet’s CEO and Founder Travis Wu joins Halborn Security in a Twitter space discussing metaverse trends and security around web3 gaming.

  • Jenny Guo, Highstreet’s Co-Founder gives a Tedx Talk around the immersive world of dining in VR, with a positive reception from the food and beverage industry and community.

  • Get ready for the GameFest with our partner Arc8! Register now to receive a rare Booster Pack along with your GameFest Pass! Prepare for a total prize pool of $120,000 with your chance of winning Highstreet NFTs ✨

  • HIGH is included in the #BinanceTreats Halloween airdrop campaign 🍬 along with four other major projects, distributed online for 5 consecutive days.

Hope everyone had a fun-filled spooky season, see you next month! 🐤

Sneak Peek of the Month 🔬

FFDS Collection Monthly Stats (October 31, 2023)
Floor Price: 0.044 ETH
Volume: 2.63 ETH
Unique Owners: 2,835 (37%) 
Listed: 2% 

Monthly Buyback Program

  • Another month, another sweep 🧹

  • If you’re new here, catch up on previous updates where we started sweeping back ducks into our treasury for contests, giveaways, and vault-ing 🔒

  • Stay tuned 🔔 for upcoming opportunities!

  • ffdsdao.eth swept 3 ducks on October 1, 2023

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