FFDS Monthly Update - December '23

Wishing the squad a joyous holiday season! 🐤❄️

As our FOMO Duck gathered on Campus for their annual conference, an intense blizzard suddenly struck, confining them indoors indefinitely! We hope you unraveled the mystery behind this winter storm by joining us in Highstreet World 🧊

Presents Forever!
Presents Forever!

Christmas Spirits 🎄🎁

  • FOMO Santa came out to play, gifting 6 loyal squad members a Merry Duckmas FFDS giveaway including one with a red hat 🎅

  • Owners of FFDS, Animoca ATT, G2 Headset and HIGH can still participate in BNV’s ME:ID Styling Quest for Xmas bundle of prizes including USDC, Highstreet and @bnv_me NFTs, and more.

  • In Highstreet World, those who style their avatar to match their favorite duck will receive USDT rewards for our holiday dress-up event! 🧢

it's scarf szn bebe 🐤🧣
it's scarf szn bebe 🐤🧣

December Highlights ☃️🗞️

Keeping it short and sweet here this holiday break, look out for Highstreet’s year-end company reflection article coming soon 📝

Let your dreams take flight this New year! 🐲🐤🎉

Sneak Peek of the Month 🔬

FFDS Collection Monthly Stats (December 31, 2023)
Floor Price: 0.05 ETH
Volume: 2.9 ETH
Unique Owners: 2,828 (36%) 
Listed: 1% 👀
  • Another month, another sweep 🧹

  • If you’re new here, catch up on previous updates where we started sweeping back ducks into our treasury for contests, giveaways, and vault-ing 🔒

  • Stay tuned 🔔 for upcoming opportunities!

  • ffdsdao.eth swept 3 ducks on December 1, 2023

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