Jan 24' Update "New Beginnings"- Improved Strategy, a Larger Team & Lots More Content

→ Full Rebrand
→ New Social Media Strategy
→ Team Expansion
→ New Monthly Update Format
→ 1B GIPHY Views Milestone

Full Rebrand

Today, we launch a new FOMO Duck Rebrand and IP growth strategy.

The team has invested resources into building our tailored approach to content creation and experiences, which aims to boost growth and brand recognition. These efforts will ultimately benefit our loyal fans and grow our community.

New Social Media Strategy

As you may have noticed, our X account will be ramping up tweets on various fun engaging topics such as trending news, memes, and anything #Web3-related. Additionally, we created a content strategy specifically for Instagram, aimed at sharing our Duck's IP and story with a mainstream audience by introducing new characters.

We will be sharing more information on this in the upcoming weeks. We’ll also be expanding our popular stickers beyond GIPHY and Telegram into Line, WeChat with a new pack coming soon.

Team Expansion

We are excited to announce we have onboarded new FFDS team members who will further contribute to bringing our duck vision to life. As our ecosystem expands, we plan to continue growing our team of builders and creators accordingly! If you have any interest in working or collaborating with us, DMs are open.

New Monthly Update Format

With this thread, we introduce a new format focused on FOMO Duck and FFDS highlights and announcements. These updates will be pinned in our “Highlights” section on Twitter and continue to be seen on our Mirror channel.

Highstreet developments will continue to be released on official Highstreet channels and medium articles.

1B GIPHY Views Milestone

We hit the 1 billion views mark on GIPHY! That's 2 billion eyes that have seen our GIFs. We are one step closer to our vision of reaching horizons way beyond NFTs! With our content, we are successfully tapping into a massive daily audience of 1 billion+ active users just on GIPHY alone. This Milestone fully establishes our presence within the world of GIFs and further contributes to the growth of our IP and brand awareness.

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