March 24' Monthly Update - “Expansion” - FOMO Duck in Latin America!

Latin America Strategy 🌎

Our vision for the FFDS Instagram IP has become a reality and we are now up and running smoothly. With a pipeline that gives way to quick and easy content production, we have decided to further expand our horizons and conquer the untapped Latin America Market. FOMO Duck is going multilingual!

We are creating a strategy that includes, partnerships, collabs & events with prominent players in the Latin America Scene. Our goal is to rise to the top and become the region's first Web3/Pop culture icon.

Spanish TikTok & Instagram 🆕

The Latin America strategy also includes a Spanish-speaking TikTok & Instagram which will provide consistent content tailored to the region's meme culture and trends. Identifying and resonating with our target audience is at the top of our priority list which is why a few of the recently onboarded team members specialize in Latin American trends and culture.

Stay tuned for the Spanish TikTok & Instagram Launch coming very soon!

Instagram Metrics 📈

Following our Instagram launch last month, we have been uploading consistent content daily and have begun finding the sweet spot for content thus allowing us to start gaining favor from the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram Metrics last 30 days

➡️200,000+ total views
➡️30,0000+ accounts reached (+774% )
➡️**+78%** increase in followers

Our goal for the upcoming month is to continue winning over the algorithm and increasing our engagement, follower count, and overall views.

Youtube Shorts 📺

With all the content we have created and more coming, it's time we start another new adventure! FFDS will expand its brand and IP awareness/visibility by conquering YouTube Shorts! Our goal is to have a strong presence on all the top social media platforms. Instagram is on the rise, TikTok is being conquered as we speak and naturally, Youtube is next!

More on this soon so stay tuned!

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