Feb 24' Update "Fruits of Our Labor" - Official IG Launch & Social Media Metrics Overview

Instagram Launch 🚀

After hundreds of work hours spread across 6 different team members, we have successfully built a solid foundation from which we can start growing our content & IP efficiently/consistently.

Meet the Squad! 🤝

This is Jennie, Nester, and Pablo, three unexpected friends just tryna make it 🐤

Nester is an eccentric crypto billionaire 💸 Pablo is a quiet introvert on the outside and a full-blown savage bichote on the inside 😈 & Jennie is an overachieving go-getter 👸

So Far ⏩

During all of 2023, the team invested their efforts in creatively exploring and conceptualizing our IP to reach new heights.

After implementing new brand guidelines, logos, colors, and styles, we proceeded to onboard new team members who would further contribute to building out our plans.

In short, during the last two months, FFDS has:

➡️ Completed a full social media & marketplace audit to analyze, identify, & strategize ➡️ Created a seamless & efficient internal pipeline & content creation process ➡️ Launched a full Twitter rebrand opening the doors to consistent posts & engagement

Market Metrics 🪙

Last but not least, we have started seeing tangible results which suggests a bright future ahead!

*Last 30 days @fomoduck OpenSea*🔼+507% in Volume 🔼+450%in Sales 🔼FP peaked at 0.09e~ Bounced from support level at 0.03e~ and is steadily climbing back up hovering around 0.04~

Twitter Content Metrics 📈

Q4 of 23’ compared to last 30 days

@fomoduck Twitter

⬆️ 1.7x~ increase on engagement rate from 6%~ 10%~ this month ⬆️ 2x~ increase on Impressions ⬆️ 2.5x~ increase on RTs ⬆️ 3.75x~ increase on Replies ⬆️ 2.5x~ increase on Likes and ⬆️ 4x~ increase on profile visits

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