May '24 Update - The HIGH Life

Helloooo squad! I'm the new @fomoduck intern for the summer. Excited to be here! 😊

First up, Highstreet announced a new newsletter for ongoing updates on exciting game developments. Make sure to sign up if you haven't!


Look at us! We had a great time in Honk Kong co-hosting @forkedconf showcasing our new VR demo of Highstreet World. Can't wait to play tbh.

3D Ducks 🎮

We're in love with these renders! Who's got a rare one? 👀 Gotta collect 'em all :) NFA.

I don't know why but I fancy this one. Gold, WcDonald's-esk red tank top? Nerd??


Also in case you've been living under a rock.. some quick crypto happenings in fomo-duck-style.

$ETH ETF is approved, that's yuge guys!!! $PEPE flips Litecoin, oops 🙊 and some sad news.. rest in peace to the legend, Kabochan 😭

That's it for this month fam, and in case you're wondering what I look like:

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