FireDAO Global Community Launches Early Contributors Plan

FireDAO Global Community Launches Early Contributors Plan

Dear members of the global crypto community,

We are thrilled to announce the latest initiative of the FireDAO Global Community—the official launch of the Early Contributors Plan! As the core of the FireDAO project, early contributors will play a crucial role in our ecosystem, contributing to our success and development. We eagerly look forward to your participation in building a stronger and more prosperous crypto community together.

Introduction to FireDAO

FireDAO is a social DAO based on the PID and FID soul-bound account, initiated and established by the RainbowCity Foundation. As a native Web3 DID identity protocol based on blockchain technology, FireDAO operates on the Arbitrum one chain and aims to create a community-driven autonomous economy. Our goal is to revolutionize decentralized decision-making, shared economy, and social interaction through the power and wisdom of the community, ultimately ushering in the "Bit Civilization."

We firmly believe that human society will enter an advanced civilization based on mathematics and algorithms due to the creation of Bitcoin, which we call the "Bit Civilization." In our view, Bitcoin is the tinder that ignites the "Bit Civilization," and the Web3 world we are currently building is the soul of the "Bit Civilization," with DAO organizations being the soul of Web3. To keep the fire of civilization burning continuously and vigorously, the supply of fuel is indispensable. The "FireDAO" we are creating and continuing today is the fuel for the "fire of civilization." Through the creation and continuation of "FireDAO," we aim to provide a continuous supply of fuel for the blazing "Bit Civilization," passing on wisdom and fueling civilization.

FireDAO Products and Features

FireDAO has already launched its first core product on the Arbitrum one network—the Fire Passport, which is our PID system. With Fire Passport, you can create and manage your identity, achieve global Web3 on-chain identity creation, and actively participate in the development of the FireDAO ecosystem forum. Furthermore, we will gradually launch other core products such as FireSeed, FireSoul, on-chain reputation, city nodes, and global guilds, providing FireDAO community members with more innovative and practical features.

Early Contributors Plan Privileges and Opportunities

As an early contributor, you will have the opportunity to participate in our NFT ecosystem design plan. We plan to issue various NFT badges to recognize and reward the contributions and achievements of early contributors. These unique NFT badges will be a symbol of honor within the FireDAO community, showcasing your significant contributions to the project and holding unlimited possibilities in the crypto art market.

The FireDAO Early Contributors Plan offers the following privileges and opportunities:

  1. Early participation: Be a pioneer in the project's development and witness and participate in our progress firsthand. As an early contributor, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team in the early stages of the project and provide valuable feedback and suggestions for products and services.

  2. Influence decisions: Your voice will be heard and valued. As an early contributor, you will have the opportunity to participate in discussions and decision-making processes regarding important matters, collectively shaping the development direction of FireDAO.

  3. Rewards: We will provide generous reward mechanisms for early contributors to recognize and appreciate your contributions. This includes token rewards, exclusive airdrops, and other incentive plans, allowing you to share in the success and growth of the project.

  4. Community recognition: Become a member of the FireDAO community and connect with other early contributors and crypto community members. You will gain a unique community role and identity, showcasing your significant position within the project.

Additional Opportunities and Benefits

In the Early Contributors Plan, we also offer additional opportunities and benefits:

  1. FireDAO OG Round Whitelist: When you reach a certain level on the Zealy platform and

become an outstanding member among early contributors, you will qualify for the FireDAO OG Round Whitelist. This will give you the opportunity to participate in the OG round subscription of FireDAO governance token FDT, becoming a cornerstone contributor to FireDAO and maximizing the dividends of FireDAO's growth.

  1. Zealy Platform XP Points Exchange for FLM: On the Zealy task platform, you can accumulate XP points by actively participating in various tasks and activities. Once you reach a certain threshold, PID users can exchange these points for FireDAO incentive tokens FLM through the FireDAO forum at a certain ratio. This will bring you ecosystem rewards, further increasing your influence and rewards within the FireDAO community.

  2. FireDAO Ecosystem Forum Incentives: We encourage your active participation in the development of the FireDAO ecosystem forum, such as posting, replying, and interacting within the forum. As a reward, you will receive more incentive tokens FLM as recognition and appreciation for your contributions and participation in the forum.

Active Participation in the FireDAO Ecosystem Forum

In addition to the aforementioned privileges and opportunities, we also encourage your active participation in the development of the FireDAO ecosystem forum. By minting a FirePassport, you will receive a PID and automatically obtain a forum account, enabling you to engage in discussions, exchanges, and interactions with community members on the forum. You will receive more incentive tokens FLM through active interactions on the forum, as recognition and rewards for your contributions and participation.

Zealy Platform and Ranking System

We will implement our Early Contributors Plan through the Zealy platform, where crypto users worldwide can participate. Once you achieve a certain level on the Zealy platform, you will gain corresponding privileges and opportunities.

We encourage you to actively participate in various tasks and activities on the Zealy platform, interact and communicate with other community members, and showcase your talents and contributions. In the near future, we will release more detailed information about the Zealy platform's ranking system and privileges, ensuring that every early contributor enjoys fair and just treatment.

FireDAO values the voice and participation of the community, and we want every early contributor to feel their importance and value. Therefore, we will continuously optimize and adjust the ranking system based on the development and needs of the Zealy platform, ensuring that early contributors receive the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Join FireDAO's Early Contributors Plan

We sincerely invite individuals worldwide who are passionate about crypto technology and the blockchain industry to join FireDAO's Early Contributors Plan. Whether you are a KOL, crypto enthusiast, developer, designer, marketing expert, or simply curious about the crypto world, FireDAO welcomes your participation.

Please visit our official website at for more detailed information about the FireDAO project. Additionally, you can check your contributions and progress on the FireDAO community leaderboard on the Zealy platform:

Stay connected with us on our social media platforms:

The fire of FireDAO has been ignited, let us join hands and drive the growth of the FireDAO global community! Together, let's create a crypto world filled with innovation, freedom, and fairness!

FireDAO Official Team

May 25, 2023

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