FireKun: May we reach the sea of stars and initiate a great era of FireDAO !

I am very excited to write this article. Today I am very honored to announce that the RainbowCity Foundation officially launches the FireDAO project. After ten months of careful preparation, FireDAO officially sets to sail on February 9, 2023.

Whether you were a learner from LianjieShe(the Blockchain Association) five years ago, a tough soldier of FCoin, a seed member of RainbowCity or a friend who newly joined us and got to know us, I hope that we can all grow up with FireDAO in 2023.

May we reach the sea of stars and initiate a great era of FireDAO !

It has been five months since we posted the first official FireDAO announcement on Twitter. In the past five months, our FireDAO team has been working relentlessly to make this day arrive.

Today, I am honored to announce that FireDAO’s first-stage product “FirePassport” officially launches on Arbitrum Goerli testnet. All FireDAO seed users have begun to test mint PID soul-bound NFTs and FirePassport will soon be available on Arbitrum One mainnet.

FireDAO was initiated and founded by the RainbowCity Foundation in Singapore and I am the founder. The number of the primary community seed members is nearly 500 and half of them were the core contributors of FCoin community back in 2018.

I am a firm believer in Satoshi Nakamoto and also a faithful fan of Bitcoin. In order to practice the spirit of Bitcoin, I initiated the Chinese blockchain learning community: LianjieShe, which literally means blockchain association. The peak number of LianjieShe members was reaching 5000, which made LianjieShe the largest Chinese crypto learning community in 2018 and also one of the promoters of the consensus of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In 2018, I led 5,000 students from the LianjieShe to deeply participate in the community governance of FCoin founded by Zhang Jian, which was regarded as the FCoin2.0 version of the community buildup.

I first served as the leader of the FCoin community governance team, and was elected by the community as the first community committee member during the referendum process of the FCoin community in November 2018. Then I was appointed as the executive vice-chairman by the FCoin community committee, fully presided over the work of the FCoin community, became the supreme leader of the FCoin community and promoted the community-based transformation of FCoin2.0 step by step.

Due to various complicated reasons, some of the decentralized governance ideas of FCoin 2.0 I constructed could not be effectively implemented. After the FCoin Hong Kong meeting in June 2019, I chose to resign as the vice chairman of the FCoin Social Committee and started the construction of my own independent project RainbowCity to pursue the true Nakamoto consensus and Bitcoin spirit that I recognize.

I firmly believe that Bitcoin will eventually change the world!

In February 2020, Zhang Jian, the founder of FCoin, made the FCoin Truth announcement, claiming to shut down FCoin and run away with the money. Zhang Jian suddenly was shifted from a shining star at altar to a scammer that everyone condemned, and the hundreds of core community members around me became the biggest victims. As a core community governance member, due to our trust in FCoin and Zhang Jian, we chose to convert most of our personal assets into FT, or put our BTC, ETH and USDT on the FCoin exchange for financial management. With Zhang Jian's shutdown, too many of us lost money and completely missed the crypto bull market in 2020. Therefore, FCoin became an unforgettable scar for our many people.

Regardless of Zhang Jian's end-up, I still highly agree with his idea of community governance. Both transaction mining and community governance practiced by FCoin in 2018 have made great contribution to the entire crypto world. Zhang Jian may have made some mistakes personally, but FCoin community’s contribution to the encryption world is indisputable to anyone.

To this day, I still believe that Zhang Jian will stand up again as a responsible man, restart the project, take responsibility for the brothers who were victims then and restore his reputation. This is also my basic judgment about him after working with him for nearly a year.

Since the beginning of 2020, I have started to build RainbowCity. I aim to focus on Satoshi Nakamoto's purest encryption spirit to create a huge crypto city-state and practice the encryption ideas. In this process, I firmly believe that DAO is the most important carrier to practice the true spirit of Bitcoin. Hence, my team and I officially launched the DAO infrastructure project at the end of 2021: the RainbowDAO protocol. We hope to build the underlying infrastructure for all types of DAOs.

The launch of the RainbowDAO protocol in 2021 had achieved certain successes in the crypto world: winning three awards at once in the 2021 DAO Global Hackathon competition, gaining the championship in the 2021 Metaverse Hackathon DAO tool track and receiving Grant funding from the Polkadot Web3 Foundation. In addition to developing the Solidity version of the RainbowDAO protocol, our technical team also developed the Ink! version as an important part of our multi-chain DAO infrastructure protocol.

Thanks to its excellent design of the overall architecture, the RainbowDAO protocol has also achieved outstanding performance in Gitcoin Grant 12 and Grant 13 respectively, becoming one of the projects with the most donations by members of the Ethereum community.

However, in this process, we also encountered both internal and external difficulties.

Internally, the design of the RainbowDAO protocol itself was too complicated, and the structure was too large to be implemented all at once. Therefore, our team had worked on polishing the technology internally without any community startup; externally, the entire crypto world gradually entered a cold winter, and one well-known project after another had collapsed. The global crypto community has entered hibernation, left with few active DAOs, and the market for providing tools for DAOs has become even smaller. This is also an important reason why we have not officially launched the RainbowDAO protocol.

In regards to how the RainbowDAO protocol is introduced to the market, our team's internal views are constantly iterating and updating. In the constant brainstorm, we gradually reached a consensus. In order to truly create a DAO infrastructure product in the future, we must truly practice DAO governance. We need to create a DAO first, accumulate knowledge and experience in the actual operation of DAOs, and then truly understand the pain points of DAOs operation. Only in this way can we truly create a DAO tool that is practical and logical. This is the earliest prototype of FireDAO.

As our team was struggling to conceive what type of DAO to build, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin brought us the greatest inspiration. On May 10, 2022, he co-published a paper that had a profound influence on the development of the entire industry: Decentralized Society: Finding Web3's Soul. In this paper, they proposed concepts such as Decentralized Society, Web3 Soul, and soul-bound tokens, which aroused extensive discussions and huge influence in the global crypto world.

In this paper, they focus on how a native Web3 social identity system with rich composability of social relations will make great progress in solving the broader long-term problems in Web3 on the concentration of wealth and the vulnerability of governance to financial attacks and simultaneously stimulate a Cambrian explosion of innovative political, economic and social dimensions. They collectively refer to these use cases and the diverse ecosystems they facilitate as "Decentralized Society - DeSoc".

We highly recognize the views of Vitalik Buterin on Decentralized Society, Web3 Soul and Soulbound Tokens. It was inspired by these views that we internally determined the positioning of FireDAO and established a social DAO based on the Web3 identity system, which is currently the hottest DID track in the crypto world. We hope to conduct a social experiment to explore the Web3 Soul.

In the meantime, we believe that the concept of Decentralized Society should be further expanded and sublimated. What Web3 represents is not just a decentralized society, but also a flourishing decentralized civilization. Web3 will be an advanced civilization built on the cornerstone of mathematics and algorithms, which represents the liberation and freedom of all mankind. We call it "Decentralized Civilization" or DeCiv.

Moreover, this civilization originated from the creation and construction of Bitcoin, we also call this advanced civilization "Bit Civilization". This is also the concept I first proposed in July 2021 in Bitcoin forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto. At that time, I used the name "RainbowKun" to write more than 60 articles in Bitcointalk Forum for two months to describe my ideas of Bit Civilization. These original ideas were also awarded by the Near Foundation in the Calling All Liberal Artists competition. This is also some of the most in-depth philosophical thinking about Bitcoin.

It is for these reasons that we decided to initiate and create FireDAO! FireDAO will be a social DAO based on PID and FID soul-bound accounts, a community-driven autonomous economy on the chain, and a blockchain-based Web3 native identity protocol built with advanced technology. Anyone can choose to mint a FirePassport NFT to obtain a PID to become a preliminary member of FireDAO. This is a non-transferable NFT that is soul-bound to this wallet address. PID casting within the range of 10,000 will belong to FireDAO’s genesis casting, and it is possible for users to receive FireDAO’s soul airdrops in the future!

Five months had passed since FireDAO decided to initiate the project in May 2022, until October 1, 2022, when FireDAO’s first official tweet posted on Twitter. During this process, our team had repeatedly modified and refactored FireDAO's construction system internally. It had finally been decided to launch FireDAO for the crypto world in October 2022.

And from last October to this February, another five months has passed. During this period, the launch of FireDAO was delayed over and over again. During this process, we constantly had to reconstruct FireDAO's white paper, economic model, and its architecture system. It really took 10 months of repeated polishing.

We are also aware that there is never a moment when we are fully ready. Today we finally launched FireDAO’s first contract, FirePassport on the Arbitrum Goerli testnet. A few hundred members of the FireDAO seed community also started an internal minting test of PID on the Arbitrum Goerli testnet. After careful consideration, we decided to choose the Arbitrum One network as the main deployment network of the FireDAO protocol.

We are extremely optimistic about the development of the Arbitrum ecosystem, and hope to build FireDAO into a more open and transparent DAO ecosystem within Arbitrum ecosystem. We hope to become part of the Arbitrum as a social DAO and Web3 identity system, and explore social experiments based on the soul of Web3 together with the entire crypto ecosystem.

At present, we have initially completed the writing of the FireDAO white paper. In the next month, we will serialize the FireDAO white paper. Throughout the white paper, you can fully understand our concept of Bit Civilization and FireDAO's complete economic model.

Our PID will also be minted on Arbitrum One's mainnet as soon as possible, officially starting the crypto journey of FireDAO 2023. We will launch the core protocols of FireDAO one by one in the following three months and finally complete the cold start of FireDAO.

In a sense, FireDAO is the transformation and upgrade of FCoin. In the future, you may see a lot of legacy of FT in it, but it will be a more decentralized FCoin. I hope to reunite the consensus that was broken by Zhang Jian through FireDAO. FCoin did not bring us the sea of stars, I hope we can obtain them through FireDAO!

May we reach the sea of stars and initiate a great era of FireDAO !

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